The on-demand designated driver software solution you’ve been looking for! iValet is an on-demand drive you home service for inebriated people or for people who just need a trusted driver to drive them home safely.
iValet has been designed keeping the top designated driver services like DDVIP, Sobrio, and DDoD, in mind. With a seamless easy-to-use UI, iValet comes with 3 interfaces.

1. Customer Booker App 2. Designated Driver App 3. Dispatcher Interface
100% Customizable
Our Uber for designated driver software is customizable to build a solution for any kind of drive my car home service, designated driver services, driver for events service, driver for seniors service or even a designated driver for holidays service.
Prebuilt Scripts
Using our proprietary Pre-Built IP solution, we move your customised designated driver app from development to deployment faster than any other designated driver software developers out there
Scalable & Clean Design
Using state of the art app container technology, clean coding practices and microservice architecture – iValet is designed to be future-ready for all your on-demand designated driver service needs.
Multi-Language & Multi-Currency
You can now start your designated driver app in any city/country of your choice. We ensure iValet can be deployed in any language & currency preference.
Referrals, Promotions & Loyalty Programs
Increase your unique designated driver app user base & overall retention via referrals, promotions & loyalty campaigns.

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