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The online learning platform is the currently trending one that has a huge demand. Due to the rise of the extended pandemic period, the students find it difficult to attend their classes regularly. So, it is necessary for the students to get their education at the right time! Everybody deserves to get a quality education that is readily available online. Now, various online learning platforms compete in providing a high-quality learning experience to the students. If you plan to initiate a business in the education sector, an online learning platform will be the right choice! Inoru’s Uber For Tutors is an on-demand online learning platform that connects the students and tutors in a common platform. Students can find the best tutors online based on their profile that ensures quality education. You can also choose to customize the features based on your business requirements. So, it is the right place to get a professional tutor online with just a few clicks. Some of the vibrant features of Uber For Tutors are given below.

Sign Up/ Registration
Browsing Tutors
Tutoring Plans
Refer And Earn
Our Uber For Tutors is built with high-end technology that can be available at affordable prices. How can you fill up your pockets by implementing the Uber For Tutors? Some of the monetization ways are given below.

Session Commission
Subscription Fee
Service Charges
Featuring Charges
In-App Advertisements
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