Initiate your business in the reseller e-commerce industry using the Letgo clone app

  • Clone of: Letgo
  • Developer: Marcus Anthony
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

The reseller e-commerce business is leading its way to the apex, sweeping away all the other e-commerce businesses. The trend for reseller e-commerce is augmenting as users gain commission fees for every reselling he/she makes on the app. If you search for the leading reseller apps, you will end up finding the Letgo app as one among in the list. The app managed to tuck in more users within a few months of its launch. At Appdupe, we develop an app like Letgo, that will ascertain your revenue growth.

When you look at the revenue model of the app, the major contributor of income will be the commission fees. Yes, by collaborating with several vendors you can amplify your commission fees.

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