Increasing Popularity and demand of Mobile apps?

With the growing businesses the demand for on-demand apps has grown up. With this tremendous popularity, it is important to know their success, some of the benefits of having on-demand apps have provided are:

Varieties of products: The customer gets to make an effective choice of the products he needs. He chooses from different brands and stores.
Reasonable prices: The prices of the products are also reasonable. Sometimes the prices can be at a lesser price from the market too.
Convenience: The customers no longer have to stand in long queues or take out special time from their busy schedules. They can easily get whatever they demand at their doorstep.
Tracking the facility availed: They can keep a track of their order whether it has been prepared, out for delivery or delivered.
Payment facilities: The customers have multiple payment options which makes it easy for them. Payments can be made online or offline.
Rating and review options: The customers can rate the services they get. This helps the service providers to keep a track of the facilities they need to give as well as the other customers can go for better-reviewed services.

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