Incorporate brand new features in the taxi app with our Cabify clone app

The taxi business is showing a sharp increase over the past few years. Users hail taxis mainly because of the convenience and flexibility of timings. However, users would like to adapt to taxi apps with new features to make their ride comfortable and safe. You can launch a taxi app with our solutions to meet the current trend in the taxi industry.

In this blog, we will take you through the features of our Lecab clone app.

Schedule ride- The Lecab/Cabify clone app provides the user to pre-book his/her ride. The user can schedule the ride for a later time.

SOS/panic button- Considering the user’s safety, the app has a panic button, which will trigger a message in an emergency.

Fare estimator- When the user enters the source and destination, the fare estimator will calculate the ride’s fare.

Cancel ride- There may be times when the user will have personal commitments and couldn’t make the ride. In that case, the user can cancel the ride.

Flexible payment methods- Give the user the flexibility in choosing the payment modes like debit or credit cards, COD, etc.

Launching the Cabify clone script that has the above intelligent features will be a hit among the users. Request a demo from our developer team by including all your business specifications.

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