Improved tactics to your Dunzo clone to boost its revenue

  • Clone of: Dunzo
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

In today’s world, E-Commerce is a significant business stream that is only seeking improvement in its field. Food delivery service, as a business, has a great demand in the market. To ease the flow of trade, delivery service is its subordinate to boost any business. Similarly, in the food industry, to facilitate customer connection, food delivery apps have eased the process. There are different strategies to improve your business using other models.
The delivery service can service exclusively for a single brand or food hub.
The other way is to serve as a standard delivery service stream, irrespective of brands, that focus on easing food delivery service.
Delivery service can also focus on one cuisine especially.
It can also focus on cafes or restaurants only instead of binding everything.
Operate on a time basis, either night or in the daytime.
Focus on grocery and meat delivery.
These are the mainstream ideas to your delivery business that can be concentrated to design the pattern of the app and design accordingly.
All these sectors ensure to stream in multiple revenues in commission, host charges, coupons, discounts, advertising, promotional third party advertising, etc.
Here at INORU, we help you launch a full-featured revenue stream food delivery app. With complete customization facilities, your Dunzo clone app can incorporate advanced features and improved service models to boost your business.
To boost your business amidst this lockdown, getting your food delivery app as Dunzo clone launched will provide a complete breakthrough. Eventually, help you ease your business activities too.

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