How To Create An Digital Wallet App Like Phonepe?

  • Clone of: Paytm
  • Developer: Marcus Anthony
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

We are just a step ahead in building our digital economy. All credits go to digital wallets for helping us all carry out all transactions digitally. The in-built QR code in the app will help the users scan the service providers’ QR codes to transact their money effortlessly. Not only transactions, but also they help us with mobile recharges, utility bill payments, electricity bills, and many more.

Mobile wallets like Phonepe offer whole new support for users to pay their bills and money transactions effortlessly. Moreover, the features of Phonepe are one of the prime reasons for the success of the app. Mobile wallets are the easiest ways to transfer money these days. With mobile wallets becoming mandatory, this will be the apt time to launch your Phonepe clone app.

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