How to build a peer-to-peer crypto exchange like Paxful?

In the crypto world, most of them are looking to start a p2p crypto exchange website like paxful. Paxful is a famous peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform where the users can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies with a high security and escrow protection. Why users choose the paxful platform for their crypto exchange,

1. 300 payment methods available
2. Two factor authentication
3. Dispute Resolution
4. No fees for buyers
5. 1% fee for sellers
6. User friendly
7. Proximity Match
8. Instant live chat
9. Escrow Services

How to start a crypto exchange website like paxful?

By using a Paxful Clone Script to start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like paxful. Paxful clone script contains the existing features of paxful and also with the additional features. By using the clone script to save your time to launch your crypto exchange website like paxful.

How paxful clone will generate revenues?

In the paxful clone, there are more benefits for the site owner
Posting fee:
In this platform, User posting an advertisements about their trading process to others. The site owner earns a commission for every posted ads. It could be both the buy/sell ads.
Transaction fee:
User will be charged for a completed trade.

Want to Start a Crypto Exchange Website like Paxful?

If you want to start a Crypto Exchange Website like paxful, BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the leading crypto exchange clone scripts development company provides the best paxful clone script to launch your crypto exchange website like paxful.
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