How Rappi works: Business Model and Revenue Model

The trend of online food delivery systems has changed the face of the food industry completely. With the rapid increase in demand for online food delivery services, people are investing in the food delivery apps and business. A customer prefers a doorstep food service rather than going outside to dine.

And such service is provided by one of the top competitors in the food delivery industry is Rappi. The most fascinating fact about online food delivery service is that a user can go through various menus of different restaurants by simply scrolling through the food application. Also the competition in the online food delivery market is directly proportional to the services provided to the customers, and since the competition is rising, it results in more benefits to the customers.

If you are interested in investing in the food delivery market, desire to start a food delivery app and get information about the strategies and implementations that Rappi followed to get succeeded read our complete blog at

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