Featuring a robust music app for audiophiles with our Spotify clone app

  • Clone of: Spotify
  • Developer: Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Mobile apps have changed the way we listen to music. On that note, Spotify, a giant music streaming app, is the world’s biggest music streaming platform, widely used by millions of subscribers.

Monetization strategies of our Spotify clone app

Our Spotify clone app offers monthly subscriptions for your business to get access to unlimited music, allowing you to get revenue on a monthly/annual basis.

We give space in our music app like Spotify to display ads as more ads are showcased, the more income and potential users you can have.

Premium services
A specified amount is charged to unlock add-on features such as curated playlists, download music, and have online access.

Peculiar features – Spotify app development

1) Radio stations
3) Behavior tracking
4) Personalized playlist
5) Multilingual support
6)Social sharing

Why should you use our Spotify clone app?

1) Extensive experience
2) Server installation
3) Post-launch support
4) White-labeled solution
5) Free- bug script
6) Readily-launchable
7) Tech support

Why prolong your success when you have a solution with just a few clicks away?

Grab your Spotify app and create a benchmark in the music industry.

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