Entitle your business in the crypto trading platform with Idex clone app

In this digital era, every business activity can be carried out instantaneously. Right from online purchase to fund transfer, users are dependent on online platforms. Understand the pain points of users and devising a solution will be a wise move in businesses. Why don’t you consider launching a cryptocurrency exchange app? The cryptocurrency marketplace is gaining eminence and flooded with many exchange apps. Yet users look out for rich-featured exchange apps that are both fast and secure. At Appdupe, we design an Idex clone app that will enrich your business and pours profit.

Chief features of our cryptocurrency exchange app:

KYC/AML- As stated above, we take the safety of the user’s fund, seriously. Our app has KYC and Anti-money laundering facilities that will never miss out on any fraudulent activity.

DEX order book- The app employs a DEX order book that will streamline the retrieval process of the buyer and the seller.

Multi-crypto pairing- The app allows the user to trade crypto pairs from a wide range of registered cryptocurrencies.

We will customize the Idex clone script according to your requirements. The cost of developing this app depends on the features you wish to include. Yet, we provide budget-friendly app development solutions.

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