Endorse your business with an amazing P2P payment app like Paypal

  • Clone of: Paypal
  • Developer: Paypal Clone App Development -Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Than solid cash, online transactions are found more convenient to use. Apps like Paypal have eased the process of P2P payment at ease. And more importantly, these apps have facilitated the process of banking at ease. Their user-friendly interface has provided reassurance to the business flow.
On that note, let us know what features are required for any clone app like Paypal needs to ease the functioning of business and transactions.
Registration – the users have to register and sign up to the account, providing their information to experience the full business flow.
Verification – this is an essential feature. After providing their details, the user undergoes KYC verification to ensure the details and information are fair and correct.
Home page – after the verification process, the home page opens. It lists different options like recharge, pay the bill, recent transactions, check balance.
Money transfer – this portal has to ease the transaction facility, either to an account, phone number, UPI, etc. The user’s contacts are accessed to quickly identify the beneficiary from the list by typing the name.
Pay bill – the users will receive timely notification about the forthcoming bills and details to be paid.
Scanner – to make beneficiary transactions, the in-app scanner is used to source the receiver’s details.
Wallet – through a wallet, it’s easy to add money into it. The coupons, offers, deals, discounts, and other earnings through the app are directly added to the wallet. The user can transfer it or now use it from there.
Invoice – to track down the monthly incomes, spendings, earnings, etc., the invoice lists these facilities.
These features ensure the flow of the app, and that thereby constitutes their success. To get your full-featured PayPal clone developed, INORU is here to provide you with an advanced improved solution to boost your business.
With no further delay, hit the global market with a PayPal clone app that eases the P2P payment.

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