Ductile cricket betting software

  • Clone of: Fantasy App
  • Developer: Marcus Anthony
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Are you a cricket-enthusiast looking to develop live cricket betting software? You’ve landed the right website. We at Appdupe offer you white-labelled cricket betting application with all your desired features.

Top smashing features of cricket betting software:

Multi-wager option- This app provides you with multiple wager options for betting, right from singles to full covers and handicaps.
Inbuilt messenger- Using the app’s messenger, you can interact with other players and have fun.
Leaderboard ranking- Users will get recognized on the leaderboard based on their betting skills and number of matches won.
Discussion forum- Users can take part in group discussions and express their opinions.

Business workflow:

Users will login to the app by providing the mandatory details. Next, the user will have to select the match and the wager. After checking the odds, start betting and confirm the payment. Once the match commences, if the users’ bet is successful then they’ll receive the bet amount.

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