Drizly delivery app- How Drizly works

Drizly is the world’s largest alcohol marketplace and it connects adults of legal drinking age with best-in-class local alcohol retailers, making it easy for consumers to shop for beer, wine, and spirits by simply downloading the Drizly mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, or visiting Drizly website. Drizly, is a one-stop shop for beer, wine, and spirits (and even a range of popular soft drinks, juices, ice and other mixers), allowing consumers to arrange fast on-demand or scheduled delivery or in-store pickup through their favorite local liquor store. Browse thousands of bottles, compare prices, and select the delivery method that’s right for you. At holiday time, Drizly means entertaining made easy – no more carrying heavy six-packs or cases – and gifting made convenient. It’s easy to develop an alcohol delivery application, if you would like to create your own alcohol delivery app like Drizly, you can contact AppsRhino – On-Demand app development company, who offers delivery services online, and help your users get their ends meet without stepping out of their homes, alongside gaining traction for your application!

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