Develop a full-featured flexible revenue stream like the Dream11 clone app

  • Clone of: On Demand
  • Developer: Aaron herso
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Electronic mediums are at increasing statics with the advent of improved internet facilities. This 21st century has brought everything in the line of the internet, apps, entertainment, etc. Dream11 clone app is a full-featured fantasy gaming app that is developed with improved strategies and features.

Developers at INORU help you develop a complete revenue streaming app. The users and the admin are very much benefited here. With their advanced technical features and improved solution, the app can be developed for both iOS and Android versions.
For an enhanced app benefiting the admin, the business model plays a vital app. This fantasy gaming platform is anyway going to charge the user for participating in any tournament or match. The pricing set for each sport can vary and similarly for each tournament. The revenue earned through these can be scaled down to admin profit. The pricing charges can be altered based on your [preference yet, too much pricing can eleven lead to the fall of the business.
Dream 11 clones is a revenue streaming app, with INORU’s advancement, to build your app with complete efficiency to bend to the business flow.

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