Create unrivalled Amazon clone by Startupmart

Any budding entrepreneur thinking of making a niche in the e-commerce field would definitely follow the tried and tested method of recreating the successful business model of Flipkart and Amazon. Get ahold of the best e-commerce development company in the market. Bring together a score of vendors, products, categories, and attributes under a single platform. Startupmart can include services:

Sign-Up and Login
New Arrivals
Profile settings
Dedicated Product Page
Search Module
Admin Dashboard
Gifts and Vouchers
Vendor Management

These services combine together to form the multi-vendor e-commerce platform. Another important service is the Multi-Store feature. With this service, you can expand your reach and cover the geographical locations that you desire. This feature also allows you to add multiple locations with ease. The customers can find the nearest store through the app based on the availability of specific products in each of your locations. Startupmart can make anything happen and lets you manage customers effortlessly through the admin dashboard.


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