Clubhouse Clone Script

Social media has been evolving and branching out itself in different forms over the years. The app we are talking about is definitely Clubhouse! Yes, it is an audio-based app that allows users to interact through audio and audio-only. The other uniqueness of the app is that it can be accessed only if the user is invited to the app by any existing users. It is an invite-only audio-based social media app. Sounds exciting, right?

This curiosity has captured the attention of a lot of users to this audio-sharing platform. Considering all this, entrepreneurs can leverage this momentum and establish their business by launching a Clubhouse clone app.

Do you wish to know how interactions are made in an app like Clubhouse?

The users are divided into three categories as far as Clubhouse is concerned: Listeners, speakers and moderators. Speaker is the one who gets to speak in the room; the moderator maintains the decorum of the room, and the listener is the audience who can only listen but not speak in the room unless promoted as a speaker by the moderator/speaker of the room. Clubhouse clone provides virtual rooms and clubs in the app that allows users to interact with each other. What are these Rooms and Clubs? Let us get to know about them in detail.

Rooms: Any meetings and discussions happen in rooms in the app. The users can glance at the rooms down the hallway. If they wish, they can join any room as a listener by simply tapping and getting in. Users can also create private rooms and strike a conversation with their friends.

Clubs: Clubs are the community of users within the app that can be kept private to the user community or give open access to public users as well.

TurnkeyTown offers proficient Clubhouse Clone solutions for entrepreneurs who want to make their way into this emerging social media industry and grow their business generating multifold profits.

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