Clubhouse Clone Script

Clubhouse clone script is a business-ready clubhouse-like app, backed by a fully functional source code that is 100% customizable and highly scalable. This audio-based application script features an in-app wallet and live-video streaming.
Hallway (displaying all the audio meeting rooms), feed, rooms, clubs, invitations, and calendar are the primary features of this platform.
Users can vide and explore rooms, create and join clubs, and held meetings and seminars after signing up in the clubhouse clone. AN in-built calendar reminds the users about upcoming events.
Who can flaunt their skills on the Clubhouse clone?
• The head of the virtual cloud: the founder, who can modify rules, edit descriptions, and what not!
• The organisers of events: the Admin, accept/reject invitations, remove/ confirm members, and manage their privacy settings
• Room creators: the members who can create and join public/private meetings
• And, the followers.
How can founder monetize from the app?
• The founder can lace the app with business accounts where entrepreneurs can host private seminars. The ease and privacy this app clone brings is worth every entrepreneur’s every penny.
• In-app advertisements has always been the best revenue-generating source.
• Allowing users to buy virtual gifts and coins using the in-app wallet is another way to monetize form the app.
• This best-in-class app holds the reins and shakes hands with innovation.

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