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  • Clone of: Zoom
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

The current generation is completely dependent on the applications as everything has been fed into the applications to assist the users. In the case of online learning, business meetings, and whatever it might be, in this trend, the pandemic has pushed businesses to work remotely from home. Hence, the businesses need to come up with a robust video mentoring platform that allows the employees to connect with each other to discuss the business dealings. You can now provide a robust online mentoring platform and become a change in bringing something new to the plate. Yes, it is now possible by building a video mentoring platform. Inoru’s video mentoring platform is a unique on-demand learning platform that connects the mentors and the mentees to easily connect them by bridging the gap. With various distinct features, you can choose to customize the features according to your business needs. The outstanding features of our video mentoring platform are as follows.

Seamless Connection
In-App Communication
Scheduled Meetings
Media Sharing
Group Chats
Minutes Of Meeting
Customized Background
What is the various variety of application models that we provide? There are many video monitoring applications that serve many purposes from which you can choose from the below-given application models.

Zoom/Airmeet Clone
Cisco Webex Clone
Skype Meet Now Clone
Discord Clone
Google Meet Clone
Super peer Clone
Whereby Clone
Starleaf Clone
Eyes on Clone
Jitsi Meet Clone

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