Bubble up your business by launching a robust cryptocurrency platform

Build a robust relationship with your customers by providing an intelligent cryptocurrency exchange platform. If you are a business owner finding out ways to captivate your customers, establish the Bitstamp clone. The app is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform intrigued by all the possible security features.
KYC- The KYC helps in knowing the identity of the user before the commencement of the trade.
SSH keys- The Secure Shell Host will protect the remote transactions by encrypting the entire network.
Whitelisting- This feature allows the crypto withdrawals to go to the verified addresses in the addresses book.
Anti-phishing software- The anti-phishing software captures and blocks phishing contents in any form.
DDoS- The system eliminates the Distributed Denial of Service attacks that will otherwise send unlimited requests at the same time, hindering the functionality of the system.

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