Become A Market Giant With Inoru’s On-Demand Paypal Clone App

  • Clone of: Paypal
  • Developer: Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

If you are interested in taking up a business that is worth investing in? Then, the online payment industry stands tall when it comes to widely used services. As all the services are made available online, the money transactions are also turned online, where you can do all types of payment with just one click! Can you ensure the safety of your customers without any chaos in the transactions? If yes, you must choose the best application development company to do so. We at Inoru offer a well-built Paypal Clone app using the Paypal Clone App script that is ready to launch. Some of the striking customizable features of the Paypal Clone App are,

Account Setup
Multi-Factor Authentication Process
Bank Account Integration
Payment Transactions
In-App Wallet
In-App Messaging
Bill Splitting
Share Recipients
Invoice Generation
QR Code Reader
Contact Syncs
Payment History
End To End Encryption
Pop Up Notifications
Payment History
With a list of features into the Paypal Clone App, in what ways can you earn your profits? Some of the ways to enjoy the monetization benefits are,

Credit Card Transaction Fee
Quick Money Transfer Fee
Merchant Fee
If you plan to have a successful business venture, reach out to us now to have a demanding business career ahead!

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