Add on features in your Super app like Gojek clone

  • Clone of: GoJek
  • Developer: INORU
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Multiservice businesses are on par with demand. With the increasing global demand and massive traffic, every entrepreneur in this niche wanted their super app launched in any way to meet the global needs. But is it easy to infuse features just like that in the app?
Not so easy. But with INORU and its cool scripting technology, we ease the process just for you. The white label solutions and bug-free, efficiently unique scripts get to work on increasing the app’s performance.
Here are a few completely exclusive inputs to your super multiservice app that you can incorporate to boost up your business at ease.
1.Notification on restricted passenger limit

2.Covid norm violation alert

3.Face mask detection

4.Two-way cost calculations

5.Commissions range based on store and restaurant.

6.Voice navigators

7.Vendor open and close timings.

Okay, enough, I guess this will draw you to build your multiservice app facilities with ease. And many others can also be included in your app. For all of this, you need to reach out to a well-equipped developer. And here is INORU very well available for you to launch your nifty app like Gojek clone

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