A Full-Featured Robust Practo Clone

  • Clone of: Other
  • Developer: INORU
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Healthcare is a primary service sector that is in need all the time. Despite the pandemic situation, the services at healthcare and hospitals were operating at ease. It dropped in multiple entrepreneurs from a service rendering sector to a revenue collecting hub to take up this business. And it also boosted to a new venture through apps like Practo to deliver service with the facility of smartphones. Which eventually demanded the uring need of building Practo clones to carry out their online service version.
INORU, an app developing company with the advent of technical improvements and advanced real-time solutions, is here to build your customized Practo clone using clone script strategies. With white label features and unique scripting methods, the app can be compatible with the Android and iOS versions.

Working of Practo clone developed at INORU

1.The user logs in to the app.

2.They choose the service required and the field of expertise.

3.With the scheduling option, the user schedules their appointments.

4.The appointment is fixed.

5.The user and the doctors come in contact,

6.The user can upload their reports for analysis.

7.The doctor uploads the prescriptions.

8.The consultation fee is paid.

9.The process is reviewed.

10.And with that ends the process.

Similarly, for the admin to carry out the business activities at ease, the Practo clone app is customized and is simple. Get your customized app as Practo launched with INORU.

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