Popular Python Frameworks for Web & App Development In 2021

Python is one of the most operated and dominating languages in the world of web & app development. People all over the world are using solutions made using Python over the years. This one of the most demanding languages uses the core concepts and ideas of object-oriented programming languages. 

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the popular python frameworks that you can use to enhance the performance of your website or app. These frameworks offer a prospective application structure, decrease the development time, remote the solutions, and make developers concentrate more on the logic of the app. You must be curious to get details about these famous Python frameworks, here they are-

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After reading this post, you will get to know which framework will bring more ease to your web and app development. Check out this python framework list-


Django Python Framework

Python framework ‘Django’ is one of the most used frameworks. It is open-source and lies under the full-stack framework category. Django is known as a scalable, fast, and flexible framework including routing, authorization, object-relational mapper, template engine, and database schema migration. It works with DBMS like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc. It is best used with machine learning.


This fastly evolving framework runs on Python3 and it is flexible to create web apps through a minimalistic approach. Pyramid has also been used by various tech giants such as Yelp, Mozilla, SurveyMonkey, and Dropbox. You can develop complex apps along with URL creation. It includes XHR views and decorators as well so that you can convey Ajax requests with ease. 


It comes from the microframework category and has got the BSD licensed stimulated via the Sinatra Ruby framework. Flask is based upon the Jinja2template and Werkzeug WSGI toolbox. Mostly it is used for small-scale projects and open-ended apps. It is the preferred python framework for mobile app development as it has a built-in server and also, debugger for RESTful request dispatching and Google App engine along with app’s unit testing. Flask is used by large organizations like Pinterest and LinkedIn.


The oldest and most employed among all the python frameworks for Web development. It has been used for development since 2002 and is majorly used for object-oriented paradigm. It includes a strong configuration system and built-in plugins. Various HTTP servers can run on it and are compliant with the HTTP/1.1. 

An efficient WSGI thread-pooled webserver and in-built support provide support for profiling, coverage, and testing. It also consists of tools for caching, meetings, encoding, steady content, and many more. This framework runs on Python 3.5+, Android, Jython, and PyPy. 


This full-stack cross-platform Python framework is created by Massimo de Pierro guided by MVC architecture. Web2Py includes a debugger, code editor, and deployment tools for creating and debugging the code, testing, and handling the app. It comprises built-in elements to manage responses, HTTP requests, sessions, and cookies. It is helpful to read varied protocols and provide security for injection flaws, scripting, and infected file implementation. 

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Turbogears relies upon the ObjectDispatch paradigm used for concise and small apps or complex apps or microframework mode in the full-stack mode. It is primarily preferred python frameworks for Web development that is data-driven and also known as an open-source framework with extensive documentation. Turbogears involves MVC style architecture, offers validation support including FormEncode. These are used as a web-server for pylons. PasteScript templates and Command-line tools are also available in this.


It is counted among the popular python frameworks 2021 as a fast and easy WSGI web-based microframework for Python. It consists of amazing functionalities like utilities, templating, directing, and some of the basic abstraction over the WSGI standard. Similar to Flask, you can code in it essentially nearer to the metal compared to with a full-stack framework. Some other features involve WSGI support, an in-built HTTP server, URL parameter support, plugin support for different databases, and adapter assistance for template engines. 


This python framework for app development is a full-stack framework that is semantic, free-to-use, and open-source. Different from other python frameworks that make use of unique models and views, it uses a cube. It supports RDF (resource description framework) and OWL (web ontology language) along with multiple databases. CubicWeb has reusable elements and security workflows. 

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The Bottom Lines

With these aforementioned names of Python frameworks, you have also known about what they can offer you? These all are among popular python frameworks 2021 that are appropriate for web app development. But each of them varies as per their advantages & disadvantages.  Developers in mobile and web app development companies have their own coding styles and preferences, so they use these frameworks at their convenience. Sometimes, the selection of a framework also depends upon the suitability and requirements of the project. Therefore, we can say that the choice of python framework for development mainly relies upon the developers’ project at hand.