The Best live cricket broadcasting services in India

Cricket is considered one of the most popular sports in India. In India cricket is not just a sport, it’s considered as a religion. This is why there is a competition between cricket live streaming services to provide a good experience to cricket fans. Gone were the days when we used to watch a cricket match on our T.V. sets. Now the cricket live streaming API (Application programming interface) has been coming into the picture which will allow you to watch your favorite cricket match anywhere. All you will need is just a pack of internet connections in your device and you can stream live cricket matches at the comfort of your place.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best cricket live streaming services and applications in India.

How do cricket live streaming services work?

Building a good cricket app that shows ball-to-ball commentary requires an API. Cricket API helps to fasten the speed of live streaming even than the television. On television there is a gap of approximately 8 to 10 seconds with respect to living match, an API helps to bridge this gap so that you can enjoy your live match without any time gap. Cricket APIs are containers of digital information. Most of the cricket live score app uses cricket live line API’s. Cricket live line API provides information about the matches in progress and the scheduling of a team’s matches.

The Cricket Livestream API follows REST architecture. All cricket Data API responses are in JSON format including errors. They also assist CORS which allows direct cricket API access from client-side apps using the Secure Tokens.

Best Cricket Live Streaming Services in India-:


HOTSTAR is one of the most downloaded cricket live streaming applications on the internet. It is very famous and renowned among every cricket fan. Hotstar broadcasts for many live streams other than cricket too like football, badminton, etc. Hotstar is also the official live streaming broadcaster of IPL. You can watch national as well as international tournaments without any hiccups. Hotstar holds a record for hosting the highest number of simultaneous viewers in IPL 2018. Hotstar also provides cricket live streaming APIs. The costs of its premium membership account are also cheap and affordable. The cost of its All Sports Pack is INE 299 per year and the Premium Hotstar Subscription is available at INR 199 per month or INR 999 for a year. You can stream live cricket on Hotstar from your smartphones, PC’S, Macs, etc.

2. SonyLIV-:

Live Sports Streaming sonyliv

SonyLIV is also one of the most popular and widely used applications among cricket enthusiasts. It has made streaming live cricket very easy and with the comfort of your place. All you need is just a data pack of internet and you are done! SonyLIV live stream services allow you to access live television services, which means you can enjoy your favorite sports including cricket on the SonyLIV app. The cost of its one-month subscription is INR 99, INR 199 for six months, INR 499 for a year. You can access this application via Android, Macs, Tablets, PCs, etc. The app is available on google play and it has more than 100 million downloads.

3. SkySports

Watch Live Cricket on sky sports

Another cricket live streaming service application that is very famous and popular among cricket fans is SkySports. In this application, you can enjoy some of the international tournaments as well as other international sporting events as well. On some selected devices, cricket live streaming and shoes are available. The app also covers English live streaming with the latest scores, cricket news, and updates from all over the world of sports. SkySports also host their cricket API. The application is freely available on google play, you can download it and also become a premium member of SkySports. Apart from cricket the application also covers multiple sporting events. On sky sports, you can also check out the analysis of many sporting events.


Are you looking for a free and best quality cricket live streaming service, then you must go for BCCI TV’s official website. Every Indian cricket fan has a connection with BCCI and not it’s like a home of Indian cricket but also a

warehouse of fast cricket information and news. With the website of BCCI, you can watch domestic cricket matches right from your smartphone, mac or pc. BCCI website also shows the statistics of the matches. Its website shows all fixtures and stats about all international and national level matches.


Cricbuzz is one of the most downloaded cricket news applications on the internet. It is very famous and renowned by every cricket fan. It is a simple and easy-to-navigate application that includes many features like text commentary and a live scoreboard. The app is a complete package of information that cricket enthusiasts need. The app covers the fastest live score updates through push technology with the ball-by-ball commentary. Isn’t it great? The app also covers Highlights, Analysis, Press conferences, etc. The app is simple to use and has very good graphics. The application has over 7 million downloads on google play which shows that it is very trendy and famous.  You can download the app on your android or iPhone as it is available on both systems.

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So these are some of the best live cricket broadcasting services in India which you can follow to connect with all the details. The application also provides live streaming of cricket and you can also become a premium member. These applications are freely available on Google play and they support both Android as well as Ios systems. Now you can enjoy your cricket live streaming anywhere. They also provide Cricket APIs, so In case if you are interested you can approach them and they will provide API to you.