Inform & Entertain People With A Video Streaming App Like Netflix

Did you know?

Android is the world’s leading and most used operating system. It exercises a dominating power over Apple in areas like Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

If you wish to share your content with people all around the world, you can create a live streaming app for Android.

However, to create a Netflix Clone app on Android, you must have specific knowledge and an idea of how your application will look. We will help you learn about streaming app development and the monetization strategies you must include to make it stand apart from other apps through this app.

Live Streaming App Market Scenario

Knowing about the video streaming market before you begin to create a video streaming app Android can smoothen the development process and app store optimization company

The market is growing at a rapid rate. It grew by 99% from April 2019 and April 2020. 

More statistics indicate the growth potential of video streaming services for businesses. Views of branded content have increased on YouTube by 99% and by 258% on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg considers videos as a “megatrend”.

According to experts, the global live streaming market will reach $223.98 billion by 2028.

Type Of Streaming Applications

Live streaming refers to the live video broadcast of specific events available for viewing in real-time via the Internet. Streamers host the broadcasts by using different applications divided into several types. 

Let us explore the type of streaming applications. 

  1. Live Broadcasting Apps

When viewers watch videos in real-time and are recorded & broadcasted at the same time. You can create a video streaming app that broadcasts how users play games, how they discuss different things, or how they answer questions online.

The most popular live broadcasting apps are Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Livestream, and Periscope.

  1. Audio Streaming

Users can listen to music without downloading it. 

Pandora and Spotify are the most popular audio streaming apps.

  1. Video on Demand Streaming(VOD)

Users can watch TV series and movies without downloading them. The most useful feature of such apps is that users can pause content, resume, and rewind it. 

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are the VOD leaders. The market is witnessing a rise in Netflix clones using react.

  1. TV Live Streaming App

With a TV live streaming app, viewers can watch TV online. However, on switching to on-demand video streaming apps, they lose their TV shows, series, and more. 

Hulu, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime video are planning to enter TV live streaming.

How To Create A Live Streaming App For Android?

Here are the most important steps that you must know to create a video streaming app. 

  1. Pick The Right Team

It would help if you found a team that offers video streaming services for businesses. 

If you want to build an application and maintain it, you can go for developing an in-house development team. However, this can be highly costly as you have to set up an office & equip it to begin the work. Moreover, you will need to hire a specialist to build the team by hiring the right resources. 

The second option is you can outsource your project. It brings cost flexibility. You just need to hire a development company that suits your requirements. The company will develop the application from scratch, and you can focus on developing the business.

  1.  Choose A CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is useful to scale your server and create a video streaming app Android. You can ensure flawless delivery of content, and the development team will help you make the right choices.

  1. Choose A Reliable Hosting 

Use reliable hosting to create a video streaming app that is fault-free. You will reap its benefits once your app gets more popular, and one video will be watched by multiple users simultaneously. 

You must also ensure that the users get to watch high-quality videos by having a strong server infrastructure. 

  1. Pay Attention To Storage

All the content must be stored at a place from where it is possible for users to watch a video without interruptions. You can consider Cloud services as they are scalable and have affordable plans.

  1. Attractive UI/UX Design

The appearance of your application means a lot as it can make or break your image. Hire skilled UI/UX designers to have attractive UI/UX design for your video streaming application. 

  1. Create An MVP

Test your features to ensure that the users will find the application attractive. Create an MVP with minimal features. 

  1. Test The Application

Perform quality assurance for the application before launching it in the market because there is no scope for mistakes in the modern world. 

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App Monetization Strategies

Integrating the right monetization model is highly important to generate profits without disturbing the user experience. There are plenty of monetization strategies that you can use.

  • Advertising

You can display ads within your content and charge companies for placing them.

  • Freemium

Under this model, you can make some content available for free while you can charge for some exclusive videos.

  • Ad Blocking

You can charge the customers for blocking the ads that are disrupting their experience.

  • Paid Subscription

Users can access video content by making payments on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. You can also offer a free trial to the new users so that people can try it to know the experience. 

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Video Streaming App?

Multiple factors determine the cost of video streaming services for businesses. Here, we have listed the most important factors:

  1. Size & scale of the app

It all depends on the number of features you wish to add to the video streaming application, and the cost increases as the features list expand.

  1. Time Frame

The time it takes to create a live streaming app for Android determines the overall development cost.

  1. Testing

QA testing also affects the pricing structure of the app development.

  1. Software Maintenance

Maintenance of the app also adds to the development cost. 


Video content is the future of entertainment, marketing, and education. If you are looking for ways to create a video streaming app on Android, you need to seek technical expertise from an app development company. Bear in mind to provide an amazing user experience, be responsive, and have a unique branding theme so that you don’t join the average video streaming platform. 

Most importantly, people are looking for easy access to a vast library- any time, any place. With a tremendous jump from traditional to modern media, entrepreneurs are inclined towards embracing the change.  

Right now, it’s your time to get on digital platforms and begin serving your users with video streaming services.

We hope you obtained the information you were looking for. Connect with a video streaming app development company and begin your success story.