How to Launch a Successful Business Using Zomato Clone Script?

The increasing competition in the food industry is continually pushing the service providers to adapt to the latest technologies that show up in the market for succeeding in the long run. One such bandwagon trend is the development of a mobile application that allows users to place their food orders with just a few taps on their smartphones. 

If you run a food delivery business or are looking to start one, then it is time to get the app for your business developed. App solutions such as Zomato clone scripts make the development of the app relatively simple. All you have to do is customize these readymade solutions as per your branding and business requirements and launch it in the market, helping you earn higher ROI.

Statistics on online food delivery business:

  • The revenue generated from the online food delivery business scales upto US$ 122.7 billion in 2023.
  • The revenue is expected to rise at an annual growth rate of 7.5% every year until 2024, leading to a market volume of US$ 164 billion by 2024.
  • The largest segment of the online food delivery market comes from platform-to-consumer delivery that results in a market volume of US$ 62 billion in the year 2020.

The workflow of the app:

  • Users search for nearby restaurants that offer their favorite dishes or cuisines and choose the ones that have high ratings or the ones that fit their budget.
  • They go through the menu offered by the restaurants and add food items as per their liking to the cart.
  • After adding all the items of their choice, they proceed with the checkout of the order. This is where they confirm their delivery location and pay for the order either online or opt for Cash On Delivery (COD).
  • The food order request is sent to food establishments. Once they accept the order, they will start preparing it, and users will be notified about it.
  • Meanwhile, delivery executives present near the restaurants are notified about the food orders that are to be delivered.
  • The delivery executives reach the restaurants and wait there till the food orders get prepared.
  • Once the food orders are ready, restaurants pass it over to delivery executives. They start their travel to the location of users to deliver the food items ordered.
  • Delivery executives deliver food orders to users. Users can rate and review the service offered, and also share feedback on the food items delivered, helping the food delivery platform in improving the service provided.

Notable features offered by a Zomato clone script:

  • Search by location: The app allows users to search for restaurants present in a specific area. Also, they can search for food establishments present near their current location.
  • Status updates: Users are continuously notified about the status of the orders they place so that they can take care of their other works with peace.
  • Real-time tracking: The app includes a GPS-enabled navigation system to help users locate the whereabouts of delivery executives. If the users have gone out, they can reach their home, i.e., the delivery location, before the scheduled time for delivery.
  • Pay online/COD: Multiple payment gateways are integrated into the app to help users pay according to their preferences. Features, as such, let your users choose your business over the competitors in your niche, due to the convenience it offers.

Additional features to consider including in the food delivery app:

Apart from the existing features, you can consider including some unique features into your food delivery app. Those are:

  • Order in advance: Allow users to schedule food orders in advance and process the orders only at the time chosen by them. It helps the users to not worry about placing their orders when they don’t have access to the internet or during other such situations.
  • Order for others: You can also let your users place food orders for their family members or friends. The users can provide the name and contact details of their beloved ones for whom the food orders are placed, so delivery executives can reach them with ease if need be.

These features are inspired by the ride-hailing giant Uber, and you can also include many such unique features as per your business model and convenience, for the assured success of your business.

Wrapping up: Several app development companies offer Zomato clone scripts, along with customization solutions. You can opt for the clone scripts provided by the leading company in town, so you do not have to worry about the quality and other issues in the future. That way, it will be free from bugs and other discrepancies.

Get in touch with the company of your preference, discuss your business model with them, and help them understand what you look for. If you are satisfied with their response and their previous work, you can get the clone script personalized with them. Some companies even assist you in launching the app on the app stores. So, choose a company that offers more value to the money you spend.

Bharat Kumar

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