How to initiate a ride-hailing service and sustain in the market?

Carpooling is the trend that is developing rapidly now. Its growth is mainly due to the cost of the ride. Two people going in the same direction can share the ride they are taking. The fare for the ride will be split among the number of people sharing the ride. BlaBlaCar began their carpooling service in the year 2006. They have been in the market for several years now. They initiated the carpooling service to reduce the fare for the customers and thereby lower the maintenance cost. 

A startup like BlaBlaCar:

After the huge success of BlaBlaCar, many entrepreneurs wanted to try their luck with the ride-hailing service. They were in need of a productive tool that would effectively reach the customers and increase the profit of their firm. For such business persons, the BlaBlaCar Clone app was introduced in the market. This clone app is an advanced solution to the BlaBlaCar app. Leverages are more when compared to the original app. So, business-minded people began to purchase the BlaBlaCar Clone app. 

Major attributes of the app:

To make it an efficient app, BlaBlaCar Clone Script is included. It is mainly used to make the UI attractive. The app is developed for Android and iOS users using this script. It was made sure that the user did not find it hard to access the app and its features. 

Geo-tracking is the next main element of the app. Google Maps is integrated into the clone app, and people can pin-point or mark their exact location on the map. Once a driver is assigned, they can see the location and the pick-up/drop points. 

Multiple registration options are included in the app. Customers or drivers can use their social media accounts, phone numbers, and email addresses to register. The verification process will be carried out for the drivers before they start accepting rides.

 For customer convenience, different payment gateways are included in the BlaBlaCar Clone app. Riders can also pay with cash after completing the rides. 

What will make it a success?


Apart from the app, there are many other factors that decide the success of a ride-sharing service when you enter the market. A few of them are listed below:

Quality of service:

The service that you provide to the customer is what matters the most. Users will expect a service of high-quality. Hire drivers who are polite and well-behaved. Give them sessions on how to behave with the customers and how to handle problematic situations. Request the drivers to arrive at the destination within the assigned time safely. The customers should be intimated if the driver will be arriving late due to traffic or any other issues. 

Customer support:

This is another main aspect that decides your survival in the market. When a customer comes to you with a problem, you have to handle it smoothly. Make the people feel that you are a customer-centric company. Ensure that the customers do not get the same issue again. If any user is unsatisfied with the service, you can give them additional offers or discounts on the next ride they take. 

Find the region to be covered:

When you start a carpooling business, you have to fix a region that you are going to cover. Promote your service based on the geographical region you have chosen because the mindset of the people and the form of transportation that is majorly used in each region will differ. Direct your marketing efforts based on these factors. 

Assure the customer on their safety:

Users are concerned more about their safety when it comes to sharing rides. Especially, female riders will be hesitant to share a ride if they feel that proper security is not provided. Since your entire process works with the help of the app, you can include a few features with regard to safety. For instance, the app can contain an emergency button that can be used when there is an emergency. You can also employ gender filters so that female riders can turn it on when they want any other female to accompany them.

Customer socialization:

Include a feature that allows regular riders to contact each other. If they wish to share their personal details, they should be able to do it with the app. They can communicate with each other regularly and share their rides on a regular basis. 

All these elements have a vital part in the success of your business. Consider these factors when you plan to build a taxi clone script like BlaBlaCar. Develop a BlaBlaCar clone app and make sure you customize it based on the needs of the users. Reach the customers with your good quality service and offers and stay in the market for an extended period of time.

Bharat Kumar

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