How to choose the best Magento extension for your website?

Magento is an open-source and free e-commerce platform. It helps you to build your online store with advanced features and scalability where you can sell anything both physical and digital products and services. It empowers flexible cloud solutions that rapidly innovate and grow and supports the latest PHP versions. Magento is known for its versatility and has a lot of key administrative tools.

Magento Extensions:

Magento extensions help you to add many advanced features for your website to convert a visitor to a loyal customer. You can increase the conversion rate with the help of Magento extensions that provide various solutions on sales, user engagement, promotions, and content management. The online retailers always like to make use of Magento extensions on the e-commerce store for the benefits it offers.

The small software apps that allow the users to add new features and functionality to their websites are called Magento plugins. Here are some of the tips to choose the best Magento extensions.

Know about purpose:

First, you should know the purpose of installing a certain Magento extension. If you know the purpose and the need of installing that particular extension then you would have identified a certain advanced functionality effectively for your Magento store. If you were able to find out a particular need then it is easy to discover many extensions that provide the capability that you need. Then you should compare the extensions that provide the functionality you need without packaging any other features that you do not need. There are many best Magento extensions are available that probably help you to boost searches as well and help the pages to load faster.

Source from a trusted provider:

It is important to find the best Magento extension in the number of extensions that provide the same set of features and functionalities. Here are some of the factors you should consider in choosing a trusted Magento extension provider.

Online Reviews:

You should consider the reviews of those providers for genuine functionality feedback of the extensions. The reviews help you to learn more about the provider and help to decide whether the service is good or not. It is important to consider the reviews before making a decision to install the extension. You should most likely listen to the reviews which are more reliable and accurate. The popular social media reviews are the best to consider. You should also look out for the privacy policy and customer policy and more.

Discuss with fellow users:

There are many forums and discussion threads are available over social media is the best place to know about the extension and its provider. These platforms are free from vendor spam and you can get the most useful opinions and suggestions from the existing users and experts of Magento.

Check frequent updates:

Make sure that the extension is able to be updated and improved continually. So, always consider that the providers are frequently releasing updates that have newly added features, better versions, and bug fixes. You should know that some extensions are released and later on there were no updates on extensions. It is important to consider the update frequency of the provider’s earlier extensions.

Money-back guarantee:

Another important factor to consider is the money-back guarantee by the provider. Before purchasing the paid Magento extension make sure that you can get your money back if the extension is not able to suit your needs and you are not satisfied with the extension. The provider should provide a money-back guarantee for the period where you get enough time to check the functionalities of the extension.

Communicate with the provider:

You should check the customer support of the provider by raising a help request ticket to their support team and look out for their response. The response makes you understand their concerns whether they are looking for just a sale or honestly they explain the features of extensions and its drawbacks. Ensure the other included services with the extension you purchased.

Experience the extension:

Most of the service providers provide the extensions that are having all the features and they all look alike. To know the quality and the features of the extension you need to check it. Look for the demo version of the extension that is available and make sure to install and test it. You should check both the frontend and the backend of the demo extension to the extent that helps you to understand the functionality of it. It is essential to know whether it is easy to configure, running smoothly, design, and customization, and many more.

Most importantly make sure that the extension suits your needs because the extension may have all features and have good functionalities but not able to fulfill your business needs completely. Testing the demo is the best idea before purchasing an extension to know whether it is best for all your needs and requirements of your business effectively.

Check for other copy providers:

Most of the customers are likely to purchase a low-cost extension as per the demand and supply regulation. The customers who bought the low-cost extensions are purchased without checking in-depth features and quality. The customers tend to purchase more extensions that often come with a lower price compared to other service providers. But, it is important to check the factors like features, quality, compatibility, support services, money-back period, updating frequency, and many more.

You can find thousands of copy providers in the e-Commerce industry as they are not like to put their great efforts into developing their own extensions. Before making any purchase it is important to check the features and functionalities of the extension without compromising the quality and as well as the pricing.

It is important to choose the best eCommerce Magento extension for your website. It is important to consult with your Magento developer before you make a purchase. Also, make sure to test the extension on your demo store within the cashback period. It is recommended to buy Magento extensions from Elsner to get the perfect solutions for your eCommerce store.