How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like TaskRabbit?

Nowadays, there are various apps that would help you with any of your needs. There are many examples, like an on-demand cleaning service, or something that can help you fix your roof.

 TaskRabbit is one application that is usually used in home-related jobs. In this article, we would be discussing the apps like TaskRabbit and how you can develop an app like this.

What do you mean by TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that helps the users find neighbouring areas for their day to day jobs just like cleaning, gardening, handyman, plumbing, animal care, carpet cleaning, etc. It aims in providing a mediatory stage between the labourer as well as the consumers. It is a need for people with more money than time. Their main purpose is to help people to take back their lives and be their manager by helping out people while making some money.

How is TaskRabbit produced?

This app was launched in 2008 by Leah Busch. TaskRabbit is an innovative platform that does bring neighbours closer by providing them with a helping hand. This app runs around 47 US cities, 4 UK cities and 1 Canadian city.

Segments of TaskRabbit


TaskPosters are those people who are ready to outsource those tasks which can be able to post their job on this app by connecting them to the qualified professionals who are here available to help. This platform even allows them to pay for an app once their job is done.


TaskDoers are those people who are unemployed, underemployed or those who are ready to build some extra money. To become a tasker, your background might be viewed as well as a quiz could follow an aspiring interview. Taskers will also be given a job where they can either accept it or can neglect it.

The Process of Becoming Taskers

People who want to be a tasker needs to apply online. For that, they need to sign up with their Facebook or LinkedIn to complete their application. Once their application received, the background is thoroughly checked which is followed by an in-person interview.

Features of TaskRabbit

1.It saves time

2.It is easy to get help

3.Get a tasker with a good background


5.Offers cash-free payment

6.Social sharing

7.No schedule job, work at your own comfortable time

8.Get Instant wages


10.Social Sign in

Advantages of TaskRabbit

1.Flexible jobs that fit your schedule.

2.You pick the rates that work for you.

3.You pick the tasks that fit your skillset and you enjoy.

4.The more skilled and versatile you are the more you can earn.

Disadvantages of TaskRabbit

1.The tasks aren’t offered virtually and you must be available in the city where the tasks are being requested.

2.There tends to be a lot of complaints about the company’s customer service.

3.Their screening process with background checks can be a turnoff to some.

4.With this opportunity you’re trading time for money, which doesn’t allow you to use leverage to increase your earnings.

5.Many have complained about low-paying gigs on the site.

How to make a TaskRabbit clone

Step 1. TaskRabbit Business Model

The main value proposition of TaskRabbit is the exchange of money for time for employers, and the exchange of time for money for workers. If you want to start a similar online business using the clone of the TaskRabbit website, then remember that this business model worked in the USA, because at that time the service had only one competitor – Thumbtack, which then also just started its path to success. Now there are a lot of similar sites, and you will have to compete with all of them, which is quite difficult. It is much easier to create a site like TaskRabbit in countries where there are no similar services.

Step 2. The Algorithm of the Platform

When a user first visits the TaskRabbit website, he has two options – to become a customer or a contractor. The separation occurs through two registration forms, after which the parties gain access to different user panels with different functions and capabilities.

The algorithm for issuing and receiving tasks is quite simple, the client creates an application, indicating the category and details of the task, after which the platform shows the performers working in the specified area and free at the right time. The client studies the price, rating, reviews and makes a choice. Once the contractor performs the task, the customer checks everything and, if everything is fine, makes payment

Step 3. Basic and Advanced Features

For the above scheme to work correctly, the clone of the TaskRabbit site must have interface panels for three user roles and the corresponding functionality. Additionally, the TaskRabbit clone sit should also have other key functions for such a platform. They include,

1)Match system: Responsible for showing the customer suitable performers.

2)Rating system: Tools for rating and feedback to users and viewing them by both parties. If the rating drops too low, such a user will be banned.

3)Reservation system: It works on the principle of a booking system like an Airbnb, only instead of a room on TaskRabbit they reserve a performer for a specific date and time. I

4)Chat and in-app calls: Users should be able to communicate with each other in real time. Typically, text messages are sufficient for this, but it is also better to realize the possibility of video communication so that the customer can show the contractor the place of work and better explain what he wants.

5)In-app payment: By giving your users the ability to easily pay for services on a secure platform, you give them one more reason to interact with the application.

Setting up these features can be easy using templates like those offered for TaskRabbit clone .

Step 4. Marketplace Monetization Models

TaskRabbit’s revenue model is quite simple, the contractor pays 15% of each transaction as a service charge. When creating your TaskRabbit clone, you can use a similar approach or choose a different monetization model like

1.Information fee where the customer pays for viewing the listing or for hidden information about the artist

2.Registration fee, where users pay a fixed amount when registering.

3.Subscription fee, where a monthly or annual subscription for access to the platform or its specific functions

4.Listing fee where the user pays a certain amount or percentage of the transaction for creating an ad.

Step 5. Marketing Strategies

When launching your TaskRabbit clone wordpress application, you can t do the following,

1.Develop an affiliate program that will benefit both customers and contractors.

2.Launch paid advertising campaigns on social networks.

3.Use SEO. Usually, a blog is created for this, where people talk about what is interesting and useful to potential buyers. You can also use SEO and search engine advertising to steal traffic from competitors.

Cost to build a TaskRabbit clone WordPress The cost to create an app like TaskRabbit can be around $15,000 to $30,000 depending on OS platform. The exact cost depends on the designs & features that you want to be incorporated into the app.

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