How Cotton Sarees Are The Best Wear For All Occasions?

Is it a special moment or a day of celebration or a ceremony? What do you want most on those days? To look at your best and have the best times to remember. One of the best ways to bring out the elegance in you is wearing the perfect outfit. Sarees take the primary role when it comes to great wearing for women. The best things about cotton sarees is they are best suitable for all occasions – let it be office wear, festival days or travel or just being at home.

A right selected material and pattern with good draping can enhance your personality and make you look gorgeous.

Selecting The Best Material For Your Lifestyle

While considering the appeal in the outfit you choose really matters, yet you should know of the advantages and disadvantages of fabrics you go for. Knowing about these things will help you come out with solutions of which fabric is best suitable for your personality and lifestyle.

When it comes to cotton dresses, it is the most widely used material across the world for clothing manufacturing. Being a natural fiber, cotton is also a biodegradable material as well. If you are looking for a simple and elegant appearance but cut down on costs, then it is not a good idea to choose polyester clothes.

Are you the person seeking comfortable and breathable attires? Then cotton sarees can do the best. They come with the feature of breathability and are a great fabric for complete cool giving material to the body. Despite the fact, cotton material holds moisture with it for a longer time than the polyester fabric, still cotton outfits are the best clothes to keep your body cool in hot weather conditions.

What about poly cotton wearing?

In this fashion and shopping world, people are confronted with a number of ranges and choices when it comes to clothing. Different combinations of styles, fabrics and styles make you a little confused about choosing the right material for your lifestyle or skin friendly. The answer is it is up to you – the buyer.

Looking into the poly cotton material, it is the combination of cotton and polyester fibers.  This combination is intended to offer the advantages of both cotton and polyester materials in your wearing.

Since polyester is an elastic fiber, it is tear resistant and durable, however, you can’t have the advantage of breathability of cotton, as polyester sarees tend to stick to the skin when perspiring. But with poly cotton sarees you can have the benefits of tear-resistant, breathability features and fashioned appearance and they cost less when compared to 100% cotton material.

Soft and natural cotton silk sarees for your special occasions

Passion towards wearing fashionable handloom sarees or outstand in functions? That is what usually scratches your mind when it comes to wear a saree during celebrations. These days style conscious women prefer wearing cotton silk sarees not only for the reason of comfort but also the chic look they offer.

Cotton fabric is soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic which doesn’t cause harm to the skins or make any irritations. Generally the cotton fabric is tightly spun into yarn which is the reason behind its hypoallergenic feature. Hence is the reason why cotton clothes are well preferred for daily wear, summer clothes and in undergarments too.

Cotton and silk sarees are the great outfits for wearing in summer or functions that last for longer times, as they absorb body perspiration and keep your dry from sweats. If you look for a truly good fabric collection then cotton silk sarees are the best picks adding value to your wardrobe.

Are you an active traveler? Love to visit around the world? Cotton is travel friendly. After long travels, you will probably be tired, exhausted and sweaty. The outfits you wear can make a huge difference and influence the mood of travelling. Cotton fabrics are the most comfortable clothes that help in evaporating the perspiration quickly.

Get the right fit sarees designed for comfortable wear

Who don’t want to exhibit their best look on special days, women also can’t be an exception. Surely all aspire to walk around in complete personality and look to catch the attention of people. Silk cotton sarees and semi silk cotton sarees undoubtedly add impressive look and sophisticated appeal to women they desire for.

Besides being the garments of essential wear of Indian tradition, sarees are sure an attention taker. Since saree fabrics can make up your look do put the sufficient time when selecting sarees for special occasions. When it comes to weddings or similar celebrations silk is the undeniable ruler in the sarees kingdom. After all, wedding and family ceremonies extend for many hours and hence the apparel you choose should hold you comfortably all day without creating unnecessary mood swings.

Pull off your favorite sarees in the best style

Maybe in your early stages you have sorted the help of mother or elder sisters to drape sarees, but now you have grown and you look for trendy ways that make you stunning in your favored saree collections. So, how to drape in the best exposing style?

To start with, first put your care in choosing the right saree of specific designs or magnificence that suits your look and appearance well. Especially when you choose silk sarees, you have the options of Chanderi, semi silk, fancy silk, designer silk, checked silk cotton, half and half patterns, cotton silk mixed and many more.

Cotton silk sarees are most suitable for any type of occasion. But the core style lies in picking the right design and color. Light or neutral colors make good choices when it is a day gathering or get together. Is it a wedding function or grand reception? Then go for bright colored wearing with broad border works to make special moments. Pairing with traditional jewelry sets or antique colors can magnify the beauty.

Hey, don’t forget to choose the ideal hair style, simple makeup and relevant accessories. They are also part of your personality to steal the show.

Need tips in picking the right blouse for your silk cotton sarees?

Choosing the best pair for your sarees entirely depends on your desired look. Upgrading your traditional or contemporary style in the best sarees can do perfect when it is paired with the right kind of blouse designs.

As a saree wearer, only you know what blouse design can exactly fit your personality and match your saree. Choosing a blouse design that matches the occasion and suits the saree design is also to be considered. Brocade blouse designs are being a preferred choice for silk saree wearers. If you wear a plain silk saree then pairing it with a slightly heavy work blouse can add the touch of the royal and classic to your look.

Elbow and half sleeves also go well with plain sarees. And it is an acceptable truth that bride women want heavy worked blouse designs for their wedding to give a special look on the precious day.

Although plain blouses are good pairs for printed sarees, it doesn’t mean you have to limit the choices. Choosing printed blouses that don’t over draw the attention of sarees are also good options. Mirror and metal work blouses are also glam effect adding for unique moments.

Neckline blouses are great matches for all kinds of saree designs but make sure the fabric and design sarees add allure to the occasions. There are numerous innovative ideas and best collections available in blouse designs – Raw silk blouses, Zari blouses, embroidered blouses and much more.

Look Fashionable In Cotton Saree Collections

Don’t get stressed over which saree makes you look stylish. Here is a quick round up of latest and trendy ideas to consider for your best moments.

The right fabric – Are you a first time saree draper? Then go for a light weighted saree which is easy to wear. Malmal Cotton  can elevate the look of you with the added benefit of their lightweight nature.Are you good on wearing, then you will be perfectly comfortable with silk and cotton sarees. Are you belonging to a young age group? Here is the best recommendation of linen cotton sarees which exhibit style and personality in the right combo. If you are a simple beauty preferring persona, then give a try to Khadi cotton. Looking for ethnic collection? Then traditional silk sarees with designer silk blouses make your look best at its utmost.


It is a general thing that women choose saree colors based on their skin tone so that the color of their attire complements their color of complexion and doesn’t look gaudy. While this is really a good idea, keep in consideration of camera view (as you surely want to capture the celebration moments) and lightings as well.

If you are going to wear embellished or zari work sarees, then remember that your outfit will glitter. Don’t think that dusky skins have limited colors to show off the best beauty. Choosing pop up or vibrant colors would definitely make you look gorgeous. You can pick pale colors or bright colors or bold colors. But the main thing is you should look smashing and attractive for the moment you have planned.

Draping style and jewelries

Your saree draping style can play a major part in exhibiting your beauty. A free floating saree with grand jewel accessories can be a great combo for evening parties. Even a long necklace with a large pendant can bring out your ethnic look. If you love to wear pleated, then neckline ornaments will work out fine for the occasion. 

If you are slim, opting for cotton silk sarees with heavy designs, banarasi silk sarees, brocade sarees and heavy zari works make you fit for the celebration. However, going for chiffon, crepe and georgette sarees are recommended to avoid since they give a slimmer look.

Looking a little fat? No worries! It’s all about the way you drape the saree to have a better look. There are some points in which you will look thin and make you look slim. Avoid free floating and prefer pleating style to show you tall and slim. Give attention in tucking the saree neatly at the waist and don’t let it look awkward. Lover of printed sarees? Good, but choose smaller prints or embroidery works. The very important point to ensure is you wear the right size petticoat for perfect draping.

While we look into cotton sarees, it is the amazing fabric loved by most women, but how to wear cotton sarees at its best And how to look in perfect shape and style? If you prefer easy draping, better avoid pure cotton or heavy south cotton, instead you can go for picking blended cotton which helps to show your rocking style with a slim beauty.

Just like putting the care for choosing the fabric, design and color of sarees, a similar importance or attention is needed when you choose pairing jewelries as it is a symbol of heritage. However, you shouldn’t select jewels that dominate your beauty of sarees. If you over adorn with heavy work or stoned jewels, it may spoil your entire look and give you a non-graceful appearance.

If you have planned the day with silk saree wearing, then temple jewellery and Oxidized jewellery are wonderful choices, especially they go well with banarasi and kanchipuram silk sarees. Most importantly you have to decide which look you are going to exhibit whether traditional or contemporary.

Our culture rich country has varieties of saree fabrics and designs that have inspired people around the globe. For the past decades, the fashion industry is showing good signs of innovations and coming up with vast styles that could highlight the heritage of Indian women. Above all, your natural beauty accessory smile enhances your great personality. Every woman loves to wear a saree and it’s sure that a lot of designer, cotton and silk sarees will be in their attire collection. Your happiness for the celebrations can be doubled when you do it with a right outfit.