Top 10 Best Hotel Reservations Software for Small Hotels 2023

The best hotel reservation software facilitates hotel administration, front desk operations, housekeeping, room assignments, billing, online booking, and guest services for hospitality businesses (hotels, motels, resorts, etc.). By automating booking, marketing, and billing tasks for various property types, the software speeds up the process of invoicing, room turnover, and guest communication.

Benefits of hospitality property management software


Providing a positive guest experience and maintaining good relationships with guests are essential components of growth in the hospitality industry. In addition to mobile bookings, the best hotel reservation software free can facilitate express check-ins and check-outs and facilitate express check-outs.


Customers must be able to find and book hospitality properties on multiple online best hotel reservation software to succeed and be visible in the industry. By integrating online travel agents (OTAs) and global distribution systems (GDSs), property management software can expand businesses’ reach across the internet and prevent double bookings.


Revenue management and business strategies are essential for success in the hospitality industry. Data-driven revenue management strategies implemented by hospitality property management software track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as average daily rates (ADRs), revenue per available room (REVPARs), and more. By using it, hoteliers can maximize their revenue by creating flexible room pricing strategies.

1. eZee Front desk

eZee Technosys’ best small hotel reservation software system, rate management system, revenue maximization tool, and event management software are used by many hotels. EZee Frontdesk is considered one of the fastest-growing software applications in the property management industry. Additionally, it can be linked to smart devices such as tablets and smartphones, adding to its versatility.

2. Hotelogix

There are over 100 countries in the world where Hotelogix best small hotel reservation software is used. Multi-device booking engine capability and a single-point dashboard are included. In addition, Jovago and TripAdvisor are integrated into the software, which is available in nine languages.

3. Maestro PMS

Among the services offered by Maestro Small hotel reservation software, are the front desk, hotel reservations, point of sale, and event management. This tool can efficiently manage your properties on Windows-based systems or directly from the cloud.

4. Hoteliga

Invoicing, hotel reservations, revenue control, and customer management can all be handled through Hoteliga’s cloud-based reservation software for small hotels. Multi-currency support is also included, a critical feature often overlooked by competitors.

5. FCS CosmoPMS

Hoteliers can create a seamless data flow using FCS Cosmo reservation software for small hotels to confirm reservations, operate front desks, and monitor resources in real-time. Therefore, it is an excellent option for optimizing room assignments and simplifying check-in. Your revenue, rate-setting, and customer discounts will be easier to manage with the tools it maintains for your company, guests, and travel agents.


6. SkyTouch Hotel OS

With this property management software from Skytouch Technology, you can manage your rental properties on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Using it, you can monitor real-time operations, handle hotel reservations, handle front desk operations, manage inventory, allocate resources, and manage sales, housekeeping, and catering.


7. Cloudbeds

Using Cloudbeds, hotel operations management can be simplified through its integrated management suite. It consists of tools for managing reservations, assigning rooms, accounting, and housekeeping.

 As In addition, TripAdvisor and Expedia are seamlessly integrated with the software. As a result, it has been regarded as one of the best in its class.

Check out these tools and see how they can help you automate your operations and boost your hotel’s efficiency. You’ll be appreciated by your guests (and employees!).

8. Smart Hotel Software

Several tools are available as part of Smart Hotel Software, including central reservations, guest relationship management, housekeeping, and more. As part of its features offer guest folios, check-in, and check-out confirmations, advance deposit alerts, integrated point-of-sale, and multi-platform information sharing.

9. Tracktik

A hotelier’s most valuable resource is perhaps their workforce, and Tracktik provides an intuitive solution for managing it. Keeping track of your teams keeps the business efficient and lets the management stay on top of things. Aside from streamlining operations, it provides cloud-based management services, mobile-based solutions (Android and iOS), and desktop platforms. Modules for finance management are also available.

10. Hotel Management Software by Monkport Technologies

There are several features included in this Monkport software that automate hotel management. In addition to cloud deployment, it is also available as a SaaS platform and for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. As a general rule, it manages reservations, front desk operations, employee management, and guest experiences.

Check out these tools and see how they can help you automate your operations and boost your hotel’s efficiency. You’ll be appreciated by your guests (and employees!).

Managing hospitality properties is expensive

There are three pricing tiers in the market for most products, based on their unit price per month


  • $2 – $5
  • $5 – $48
  • $48+

This list includes the lowest-cost entry-level/entry-level offering found on vendors’ websites on January 24, 2019. As gathered from vendor websites of sample products, these ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentiles.

Most products’ base plans are summarized in the above table. In addition to inventory management, auto-room mapping, property grouping, and affiliate tracking, enterprise and premium products may include additional features.

Hospitality property management software features

  • MANAGEMENT OF RESERVATIONS: Maintain room reservations and allocations, including room status, guest count, and discount information.

  • MANAGEMENT OF THE FRONT DESK: Assist with room and reservation changes, check in and out guests, and issue key cards.

  • MANAGEMENT OF HOUSEKEEPING: Organize maintenance reports, assign tasks to the housekeeping staff, and track the status of each room.

  • ONLINE BOOKING: Your hotel website, a third-party booking engine, or an online travel agency (OTA) can be used to schedule and manage online appointments and reservations.

  • MANAGEMENT OF MAINTENANCE: Manage maintenance operations by planning, organizing, and overseeing them. Ensure the longevity of property assets by tracking maintenance requests and updating their statuses.

  • OTA/GDS integration: The rates and occupancy should be listed on a variety of online booking platforms and channels.

Property management systems for hospitality: factors to consider

  • COMPATIBILITY/FUNCTIONALITY OF MOBILE RESERVATIONS: Increasingly, consumers use their mobile phones to make and manage reservations, as well as spend more time on them than ever before. Additionally, mobile compatibility/functionality streamlines hotel operations on the backend, making it easier for consumers to communicate instantly with the hotel. To avoid losing revenue associated with mobile bookings, ensure your hospitality property management system has mobile booking capabilities before investing in it.

  • COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER SOFTWARE: Property management software and customer relationship management software must integrate with your hospitality property management software. To avoid siloed tools, ask vendors about their integration capabilities before investing in a hospitality property management solution.

  • OWNERSHIP COSTS: A variety of hospitality property management software systems are available; selecting one that matches your budget and business needs is important. You should consider how your staff’s workload will be affected by hospitality management software, and evaluate whether you will need to upgrade the system in the future according to your needs. The total cost of ownership of a system can be increased by additional costs related to upgrades, maintenance, employee training, hardware/software installation, and employee training. 

Property management software trends relevant to the hospitality

  • CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS WILL BE SURPRISED BY THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) AND SMART ROOMS – THEIR EFFECTS ARE THE FOLLOWING: Better facilities and smart rooms will help hoteliers gain more customers as technology assists customers in making purchase decisions. As part of its “connected room” concept, Hilton will offer a mobile app that allows loyalty program members to control room lighting and HVAC systems. By 2020, Marriott plans to connect 20 billion devices with Samsung’s cloud-based IoT platform, ATRIK.

  • CUSTOMERS PREFER SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly popular among modern travelers, and they are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly hotels. Solar energy, hybrid vehicles, and virtual reality tours are among the technologies facilitating such experiences.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BEING IMPROVED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Hoteliers can manage customer requests and communicate with customers using AI-driven software and chatbots. By providing destination information to guests, Hilton’s robot concierge uses machine learning and AI to enhance in-person customer service.



Choosing the right PMS platform for your business in 2023 means finding precisely what you need to connect with the industry’s major OTAs—and then streamlining all your background activities with automation, as well as the entire guest experience.

When you narrow down what matters most to you and your business, choosing the right hotel software should be an exciting process.

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