Guide for an Education Mobile App Development: Features and Trends

Education is the key to success. If you are not appropriately educated, then you won’t be successful in the future. Education is essential as the world is becoming more intelligent and the technologies are getting advanced. All this is possible due to education.

In this pandemic, when all are restricted to go out, schools and institutions are also closed. Still, learning cannot be stopped, so as our smartphones are used for many purposes, we can also use them for studying through an educational app.

Smartphones are not just for entertainment; we can also use them for studying. With the help of education, students can learn anywhere, and it will be convenient for them even teachers can teach their students from home or anywhere else.

Types of educational apps

Before you think of educational app development, you need to know first what types of mobile learning services are most in-demand as:

  • Apps for apprenticeship courses

The educational application usually escorts specific training courses which enhance it and thereby increase its performance. This app will let students learn more with the possibility by using

 the mobile program.

  • Educational app for kids

Today every kid knows how to operate mobile phones, so it will be a great idea to develop an educational app for a kid because instead of wasting time, they can learn something along with playing. This will be a very clever decision for you to make an educational app by focusing on children. Such learning apps are top-rated among parents as in many places both the parents are working so they don’t get time to teach their child correctly, and the child loses interest in the study. In such cases, these apps can help the kids learn and improve their concepts & knowledge.

  • Grading learning app

Apart from other apps, a learning app can be based on aiming at testing students. An E-learning app is another suitable way to figure out their knowledge and give them the proper appraisal to study.

  • Reference tutorial apps

The purpose of educational app development of this type is to provide the users with complete educational resources that also include encyclopedias and dictionaries in the app for reference of students.

  • Niche market apps

The most trending programs in this are the learning foreign language apps. Besides the language learning app, there are other substitutes, mobile apps teaching to play the guitar or explaining it, and so on.

  • Classroom Education app

One can also develop an educational app for teachers and students of all ages. These mobile apps are usually being used during learning lessons within the classroom. This type of software acts as the tutorial that facilitates the entire learning process.

How to build an educational app?

In educational app development, one must follow some of the points that will enable you to build your educational app with high quality. The points are given below:

  • Educational app ideas

It all starts with a brilliant idea which is the reason for half the success. So it would help if you did not waste time and energy, try to think of something attractive, unique, and authentic that will result in the growth and advancement of the users.

  • Market research

Depending upon the market research report, the E-learning app development market will increase by this year. To ignore the probability of getting lost among competition, you must check the authenticity of your idea. Research the market, competitors, and the chances & hazards to create a stronghold in the market.

  • Testing educational app ideas

Test your idea among the members of your target audience; they can be teachers, students, or kids. You must ask them if they are interested in your service and, if so, how do they observe it, how they want it, and more. Get their feedback & suggestions & merge them in the app to make the resulting product more user-friendly.

  • Hiring educational app developers

This is a critical stage that must include prototyping, creating the screen flow, UI/UX design, development stage, testing, and release assistance. Hire only professionals and dedicated developers who have good experience in developing such apps. No matter how good your idea is, you need professionals to turn it into success & no one likes to compromise on the quality.

  • Choosing the right platform

Whether native Android or iOS cross-platform app, this is another crucial task to choose the right platform. The right choice will depend upon the user’s requirements and their review in which language they want to get it developed.

Features of educational app

The features of an educational app are essential because the app’s success depends on the features you add to your app.

  • Integration with social network

This is the most common feature for developing any apps, not just educational and learning apps. This is the time-saver feature as you don’t need to add your details manually; instead, you can log in through any social media account, and the app can fetch your details from your account.

  • Planning and scheduling

To develop an app, it is imperative to have proper planning and scheduling. You can’t start developing an app without any idea or planning. If you don’t have planned for the app, it may not be successful as you want. You need to make a rough sketch of the app before developing it; actually, this will give you an idea about the app’s look and feel.

  • Surveys and test

This feature is handy for students and teachers as the teacher can conduct online tests for them, and students can attend the test and quickly test how much they understood. This feature helps students improve their study, and they can know in which subject they are weak and what they need to improve.

  • Cloud integration

This is another tool that helps students and teachers when they are working as a team. All credit goes to Google to provide us with drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, and many other services that help us keep their work in the same file.

  • Videos and live stream

Videos are essential as it is easier to understand the content in the video rather than reading it. The things which we can learn quickly from a video can not be easily understood by reading.

Trends of educational app development

As learning is transformed from schools and colleges to home, trends have also changed by passing years.

The present trends bring a clear picture about the choice and facility of the students and tutors and experts.

  • E-learning apps download has increased by almost 10% this year which is the highest on a mobile device.
  • As the market of education app development is increasing, the demand for new ed-tech tools is increasing.
  • Advanced technologies are ruling the market of online education.


Education app development is a great idea to develop as in this pandemic, even when the schools and colleges are closed, students don’t need to compromise with their studies.

In this blog, I have provided the complete guideline for Elearning app development. If you are searching for guidelines before developing an education app, this blog can help you provide the guidelines. I hope that this blog will help you in education app development by appropriately guiding you and knowing about the trends and features.