10 Best Free Game Boosters and Optimizers for Windows PC in 2023

What Is A Game Booster & Optimizer?

You can use game boosters software to increase the gaming performance on your device and also relax while gaming. With the game booster application for PCs, you can analyze the state of your computer and then stabilize it so that you can play a game on it. In most cases, the game booster will do this automatically, ending the unnecessary tasks running on your PC and tweaking the OS settings to enhance gaming performance. You will get the best performance out of your computer’s resources if you use a game booster application.

Why Should You Use Game Boosters For Windows?

You can benefit from dedicated game booster software in the following ways:

  • Playing PC games is made easier by releasing occupied system resources and RAM.
  • The program terminates unnecessary processes and apps that your PC doesn’t need while playing video games.
  • Online games can be played at reduced latency, or lower ping, with this application.
  • You can auto-boost your FPS and optimize your PC to play games faster and smoother with this tool.

The 10 best PC game boosters of 2023

Let’s get right to the solutions now that we understand the basic need for Game Optimizers:

1. Optimizer for advanced systems

Advanced System Optimizer provides a module called Game Optimizer in addition to its system optimization and cleanup utility. With it, you can play without interference and handle background processes. Furthermore, it improves the system’s speed and overall gaming performance.

Its only shortcoming is the lack of a dedicated driver updater in this amazing PC cleanup and game optimization program. This is the best all-in-one system optimization tool for Windows if you can deal with the downsides. As well as cleaning invalid registry entries, defragging disks, and removing duplicate files, you can also defrag disks.

The pros

  • Boosts system speed and removes junk
  • Allows you to play games without interference
  • Unused memory is freed up

2.  GameBoost

PGware’s GameBoost Game Booster is the last but not the least. With its simple and intuitive interface, GameBoost is easy to use. Managing and neutralizing background processes improves the overall performance of the PC. As a result, the overall gameplay is improved and the frame rate increases.

There are a few basic features, however, that are almost a necessity, such as a dedicated defragmenter or driver updater. GameBoost is one of the best PC Game Boosters in 2023 if you can deal with a few shortcomings.

The pros

  • Reduces the number of unwanted processes in the background
  • Boosts gaming frame rates

3.  Razer Cortex:

The Razer brand is well-known in the gaming industry. Products manufactured by Razer are of the highest quality. This software by Razer optimizes the system performance and Razer says that it is “great for people without beastly PCs! ”

This free game optimizer from Razer is very effective. In addition to optimizing system performance, it manages background processes to enhance PC gaming performance.

The pros

  • Free to download
  • Automatically removes junk
  • Graphics are awesome
  • Background Processes: Effective Management

4.  Wise Game Booster:

With Wise Game Booster, you can make your Windows games faster and more efficient. A few simple clicks are all it takes to boost your PC’s gaming performance with Wise Game Booster.

An awesome graphical interface can be found in Wise Game Booster. To maximize the FPS, this software automatically cleans junk files and manages background processes so that the CPU and RAM are not used for tasks other than gaming.

The pros

  • Free to download
  • Automatically removes junk
  • Graphical interface that is awesome
  • Background Processes: Effective Management
  • Launcher for each game separately

5.  WTFast Game Booster

Compared to other Game Optimizers on the list, WTFast is a bit different. Using WTFast, you can connect your device to game servers at high speeds without interruption. With the tagline “It’s not a VPN, it’s a GPN”, it also provides a secure connection between devices.

The Game Optimizer does not provide the other features you would expect from a Game Optimizer, such as clearing RAM and boosting frame rates. In order to have a smoother gaming experience, you just need a better connection with your game server with this product.

The pros

  • Connects your PC and game server in a seamless manner
  • Provides security for online gaming connections

6.  MSI Afterburner

An industry leader has developed a tool called MSI Afterburner. Quality hardware has been provided by MSI for flawless gaming. With MSI Afterburner, you can enjoy smooth gaming on your device through extraordinary control.

The MSI Afterburner software provides easier overclocking options by allowing you to adjust fan speed, RAM, CPU, and GPU. You can monitor your system performance in real time while gaming with the on-screen information.

The pros

  • Options for easier overclocking
  • Information in real-time on screen
  • Information such as the CPU temperature and fan speed.
  • Capturing videos
  • Skins that can be customized

7. IObit Smart Game Booster

In terms of information, Smart Game Booster is probably the most helpful program on the list. For a flawless gaming experience, it provides various features to help you understand and optimize your device.

It optimizes your PC to provide a significant increase in FPS by clearing RAM and optimizing background tasks. Further, it provides a variety of other features, such as CPU temperature tracking, free driver updates, and overclocking.

The pros

  • Enhances FPS by providing ultimate overclocking capabilities.
  • Recording capabilities are available.
  • Update your drivers for free
  • Boosts the frame rate
  • Monitor FPS and temperature at the same time

8.  Game Fire 6 Game Booster

There is no doubt that Game Fire 6 is one of the best PC Game Optimizers available. There are all the features that you would expect to find in a Game Optimizer. It optimizes background processes and clears RAM to increase your frame rate.

Besides providing powerful customization options, Game Fire 6 also allows you to optimize only the things you want to optimize. To increase the performance of your system, you can defrag your computer with it.

The pros

  • Defragmentation is possible
  • Boosts gaming FPS.
  • All your favorite games can be accessed from one place with the built-in Game Manager.
  • Processes background checks effectively.

9. MZ Game Accelerator

There are several old-schools but effective Game Optimizers for PC, including MZ Game Accelerator. When you don’t want to overclock your hardware, MZ Game Accelerator offers all the optimization features you need.

Using MZ Game Accelerator, you can easily defragment your computer, manage your background processes, boost your RAM, and allocate more computer power for gaming for the time being.

The pros

  • Options for easier defragmentation
  • Management of the background process effectively.
  • CPU usage control
  • RAM can be boosted
  • Boosts FPS

10. ToolWiz Game Boost 3

With ToolWiz Game Boost 3, you can significantly improve the gaming performance of your PC like all the other Game Optimizers on our list.

To boost your FPS and gaming experience, it provides all the necessary tools such as defragmenting, controlling background processes, increasing RAM, and allocating more CPU power to the task.

It is one of the best Game Boosters on the market if you can tolerate the outdated interface.


Every PC gamer should have game boosters for PC. The apps on this list were selected based on their features to improve PC gaming performance. With Advanced System Optimizer, you can take advantage of its Game Optimizer module as well as several optimization tools. Choose one of the free game boosters listed above if you are still looking for one. We also recommend Wise Game Booster. Regardless of the option you choose, make sure you check the system requirements and find the one that meets your needs. What is your favorite and why? Tell us in the comments.

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