Five Best Doctor Appointment Booking App Scripts for your Online Doctor Booking Startup

The advancement in technology brings the doctor on a smartphone. Traditionally, if you need a doctor, the patient needs to walk himself to-go-to the doctors and waiting for the appointment in a long queue. 

But, nowadays, the concept is totally over warmed. Thanks to the technology and innovation that bring the concept of an on-demand doctor booking app facility for the patient to book the appointment of the required doctor and get treatment facility at home. This innovation cut-down the queue process and effortlessly save the patient’s time and cost. 

However, the whole operation is operated, controlled, and managed through a single application. There are multiple doctor booking apps available in the app store that render facilities like browse nearby doctors, check profiles, read reviews, schedule appointments, live tracking, and much more. 

Practo and ZocDoc are such great applications available for iOS and Android that work to offer such facility services through their apps. In recent times, thinking of starting own doctor booking, calling, and scheduling service is a great decision to start-up. Thus, to convert this idea to reality, an Online Doctor Booking app like ZocDoc required. Developing an app from scratch mainly involved high expenses or investment, but, if you’re thinking to build a clone is a good option to save a thousand dollars in a minute. 

This is the reason you are reading this blog…! Here we have mentioned the top five doctor booking app scripts provided by best brands over the globe.


1) Apporio


Inspired by ZocDoc Clone, Apporio themselves introduced its on-demand room booking solution by the name ‘AppMD’. The app is similar to ZocDoc almost has the same features, integration, and performance. Currently, the app is available to download only for the Android platform through Google Play Store. 

Talking about the structure, the complete solution consists of a user app, doctor app and admin dashboard (web-based panel).


2) Ollco


Ollco offers the ever leading and advanced practo clone script on its portal. You can simply fill-up the form and request for the live demo. Like practo clone, they offer rich and similar clone build right in a minute with their reversed engineers. Like what kind of features included in practo doctor booking application, they are offering complete with some advance updates and features such as advance search option, doctor listing, smart map, patient account area, doctor or hospital dashboard, etc. 

To read complete features, go to their website. 


3) Agriya


Agriya offers remarkable ZocDoc Clone Scripts with a rich set of vital facilities that are explained on their website. On their website, they started explaining what is doctor appointment booking software to the revenue earning model, they have also talked about why the need of ZocDoc clone scripts, why they developed this software, what technologies they are working and support they offer. 


4) AISTechnolabs


AIS techno labs is an IT solution provider for web, mobile, and software development company. They are engaged in developing a clone of popular apps like ZocDoc, BigBasket Clone, Instagram Clone, Whatsapp Clone, Tinder Clone, and many more. Basically, all of their clone application consists of the admin console and user console. If you are looking to build a doctor booking app similar to ZocDoc, then this is the best recommendation we can propound to you. 


5) V3Cube


At last, we have v3cube that focusing to offer you brilliant and robust performance Uber for Doctor to the rescue of global health and your bank balance. Unlike others, they offer you different free features that others may charges while you purchase for. For example, apps installation, apps approval, white labeling, advance analytics, advance reports, lifetime license, and responsive web panel’s. 


How does Doctor Appointment Booking App System work? 

The online doctor booking App is especially simpler to utilize. It helps a large number of patients and specialist’s in various manners. In addition, these arrangement frameworks help with keeping clear correspondence, the quick transmission of inquiries and others between the specialist and patient. 

The mainstream specialist booking application like ZocDoc, Practo, and Sminq encourages you to book the arrangement in a couple of taps away while settling down anyplace. Check specialist’s accessibility close to you, investigate the rundown of specialists, pick an agreeable time, select your favored specialist, monitor arrangement, check live status of the line in the facility, payout through various channels, and make the most of your administration.

What’s Next

On-demand doctor booking app is a good option to kick start your own healthcare startup. Doctor appointment booking app clones like ZocDoc and Practo are two premium app support with advanced features, offer you seamless comfort, and can cost you lower by thinking custom clone app development.  

Bharat Kumar

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