Must have features and development cost of a real estate website like

Looking for a home to buy, rent or sell? Who has the time nowadays to search through the home listings sections of the newspapers or magazines? In fact, who reads newspapers or magazines nowadays when you got everything on your fingertips? The real estate business could be highly profitable if targeted the right customers at the right time and marketed well. In this fast-paced digital generation, it is very important for a real estate business to have a digital presence via websites or apps. With consideration of the cutthroat competition in the real estate business it is not important to only have a website but also a well working, detailed and an organized website. The realtors are the vultures, ready to snatch all the opportunities they see around them. 

Why Do Realtors Need A Website?

In today’s world, an individual on an average spends 50% of their time on the internet. It is important for businesses to go online for the following main reasons:-

  • To spread brand awareness and capture the online world. To make people aware of their presence realtors need to have a website.
  • To increase marketing and generating high online leads by pooling website traffic as much as possible. It is found out by many studies that maximum lead generation is achieved by the realtors and the real estate websites.
  • The realtors’ website helps to increase their customer confidence through the information present and more interaction with prospective customers.
  • The website gives the realtor a sense of control as they can design and customize their websites as per their needs and wish. They can include their testimonials and up-close description of the house along with pictures to make it easier for the customers.

Real Estate Websites

The real estate websites like are gaining huge popularity among the people with good marketing strategy and lead generation. 

Trulia is the one-stop destination for all kinds of real estate listings and renting houses. It not only provides the listings but anything that one would want to know about real estate; from renting to buying to mortgages Trulia has it all covered. It even provides with blogs related to real estate. 

The captivating and engaging website with great content is what helps Trulia generate all the digital leads. Even though it’s an added cost, it is important for a realtor to have its real estate website.

Some essential features for your real estate website are:-

  • It should be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) oriented, to generate online leads.
  • The website should be mobile-friendly. The realtor can develop a mobile-friendly website and his real estate app to engage more audience towards his business.
  • The website should be futuristic with innovative functionalities like property valuation, calculators, currency converters, property comparison, mortgage, listings, property search, maps, etc.
  • The customers should also be able to search for information in and around the locality of the property regarding essential information as well. 
  • Proper images of the property and responsiveness of the website. 

Real Estate Website Development

A real estate website development is not a difficult task nowadays. You can either hire a real estate website development agent or you could hire some IT expert to do it for you. There are following types of real estate websites that can be developed:-

  • Real estate agent website
  • Realtor Broker website
  • The real estate developers website
  • White label website
  • Real estate portals

The cost of developing these portals and websites could range from $300 to $1000 depending on the personalization and make by the realtor or the business owner.

There is another method available to develop the website i.e. through cloning scripts. Clone scripts are the turnkey scripts of the famous businesses which could be purchased and implemented immediately. There are a lot of real estate clone scripts widely available in the market, Trulia clone script is one of them. There are many sources through which you can download the Trulia clone script for free of cost. These clone scripts enable you to develop a website similar to the host website with desired modifications. Make sure you always download or purchase these scripts from an authorized owner. The developer can also download or purchase the realtor clone scripts and the real estate portal scripts. 

Cloning websites is completely legal as long as it is being done under the provisions of the Intellectual Property Acts. 

Following is the method to clone a Real Estate Website:-

  1. Download the copy of the scripts of the real estate portal or website
  2. Modify the script as per your choices
  3. Upload the script with  your own website host
  4. Create a database of the cloned website
  5. To finish the cloning process, install and run the Duplicator installer

In a multimillion-dollar industry as the real estate itself, the need for a website is very important to evade the competition in the market. Good media campaigning is very important to generate lead and attract favorable website traffic. It not only gives a boost to the business but also helps it expand all around without the hurdle of geographical boundaries. 

With the available help of website cloning creating a desired, attractive and compatible website has become easier than ever. It is not only a cheaper process but also helps eliminate the hassle of developing a website from scratch.