Top 10 Grofers Clone Scripts
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Top 10 Outperforming Grofers Clone Scripts By Leading Grocery App Development Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions has eaten many jobs, even left someone back to the ground barefoot while on the other hand, increased growth in revenue and capital generation seen into e-commerce business like grocery delivery.  Considering market share of grocery delivery brands for the year 2019-2020; Grofers have 31.5% in total market share in India […]

Alcohol Delivery App Scripts
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Top 10 Online Alcohol Delivery App Scripts for your Alcohol Delivery Business

Starting Alcohol delivery business in India and the U.S. could be beneficial even in the time of pandemic.  Since the lockdown happened across the world, as a result, 95% local including mid and large shops and industries have been completely locked – there the demand for online delivery of liquor and wine including beer have […]

Florist App clone
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Top 10 On-Demand Flower Delivery App Script for Flower Delivery Startup

You heard of food delivery service, medicine door delivery service, alcohol doorstep delivery, grocery delivery. But did you hear about the flower delivery business?  No! Let me tell you, the flower delivery business gained a memento startup in developed nations such as the US, UK, and Japan and now in India as well.  You will […]

Postmates Clone Scripts
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Top 10 Postmates Clone Scripts to Launch Personalised Genre of Delivery Business

United States biggest local delivery business brand ‘Postmate’ offers order delivery or pickup from more than 600000 restaurants, retailers, grocers, and more all across the US cities.  It recently operated in 2,940 U.S. cities and generated $2.6 billion even during the lockdown phrase.  Postmates services are rendered to the business and people and other commodities […]

Off-page is the part of SEO. Off-Page used to rank better on SERP. It is important for websites to rank. Here are the Off-Page SEO Techniques For Your Business.
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Off-Page SEO Techniques For Your Business

If you would like to increase real brand recognition and induce enormous organic visitors to your site, then you need some very effective off-page search engine optimization practices. Major moment. There are little straightforward and effectual articles throughout the Web on which precisely digital marketers will need to focus the majority of their tools, wisdom, […]

Online food deliver app
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5 Secrets to Make Your Online Food Delivery App A Success

Online food delivery companies have extensively made their space in our lives. These  companies have been ruling the market and satisfying our food cravings in lieu of substantial profits. Some of the big names such as Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats and many more have developed their portal to ensure that food is served to their […]

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How COVID-19 pandemic have impacted home delivery businesses?

With world constantly fighting towards limiting Corona pandemic widespread, last mile delivery optimisation solution offering businesses are seriously considering this as an amazing opening for helping people out with all kinds of needs, in delivering possibly everything at doorsteps. For most people online ordering has never been a comfortable option as they tend to check […]

App Like TikTok
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Consider These Features And Cost Components Build an App Like TikTok

TikTok is so popular in many parts of the world that just a government ban or few hours of technical issues can cause a big uproar among the self-publishing content makers and millions of millennials and teenagers who are addicted to this platform. If Facebook is heading to become a digital continent, TikTok is already […]

Best Cab Booking App
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Best Cab Booking App Helps You to Roam India in 2020

Here are the top popular apps for cab booking in India. Uber Cab The worldwide pioneer for taxi booking applications and best business travel applications, Uber is a significant player in the Indian subcontinent and one of the top taxi applications in India. The significant taxi flagging down organization began its activities in India in […]

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BotEngage Pro Honest Review by Dwayne Johnson | Features, Cost, Bonus, Advantages and More

Hello fellows! In this blog, I have given my Botengage review after using it for one week. If you’re are another geek video editing lover, content creator, blogger, or marketer. This software won’t let you down. I hope my review will helpful for you. Keep reading…!   Introduction To BotEngage Review Heard about Artificial Intelligence? […]

Doctor Appointment Booking App Scripts
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Five Best Doctor Appointment Booking App Scripts for your Online Doctor Booking Startup

The advancement in technology brings the doctor on a smartphone. Traditionally, if you need a doctor, the patient needs to walk himself to-go-to the doctors and waiting for the appointment in a long queue.  But, nowadays, the concept is totally over warmed. Thanks to the technology and innovation that bring the concept of an on-demand […]