Is There Any Easy And Efficient Way To Build An App Similar To TikTok

As the old saying goes No popularity is bad popularity.

Many may bet to differ but if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you may understand that this saying proves true with TikTok. About one in six people in the United States has been turned into weekly users of TikTok. According to mobile analytics, this hit mobile app has seen a boisterous growth compared to any in recent times amidst covid 19. 

None can deny the fact that it’s making more money than any other app as it’s a staggering 75% from the start of the year. And, so far it has managed to amass 33 times more users than any of its closest or direct competitors.

This way, in recent times, apps like TikTok have dominated both the world and social media. By attracting millions and billions of users around the globe, TikTok continues to address many perks that thousands of businesses are commemorating their presence.

And, as an ambitious entrepreneur who got attracted by my title you may still be confused about one point, how a video-sharing social media app like TikTok got transformed into a successful online business? Well, to know about it, continue to read this article. When you reach the end of this writing you’ll understand how to build a similar platform like TikTok and rise above your competitors.

So, Let’s get started!

How popular is TikTok  post Covid 19?

Before getting into the method, let us first get to know what TikTok is used for and how popular it is across the world?

How popular is TikTok?

As it lets its users record short video clips, add favorite tracks, and share the videos on social networks, it has amassed immense popularity

The graph below shows an increase in the number of Tik Tok users by age.

Thus, there is no wonder, how despite the current crisis Tiktok has managed to keep its users glued to it

Now, take a look at the revenue generation and other statistical info of this popular app that will blow your mind.

●      TikTok Users Spend More than 850 Minutes Per Month on the App

●      23% of US Internet Users Have Used or Seen Videos on TikTok

●      2nd Most Popular iPhone App Downloaded in 2020

●      Most Popular Overall App Downloaded Globally in 2020

So, having read about the popularity of this app, one question must have been raised in your mind, how expensive it is to build such an app? Let me explain it.

Is it expensive to build an app like Tiktok?

Undeniably, it is expensive. You should be prepared to invest a lot of your savings in developing an app similar to TikTok from scratch and launch it. Also, the app development process usually continues even after the app release. You will always have something to be fixed, improved, or included in your developed app.

Thus, the more features you wish to include or the higher the quality of the app you want to deliver, your app will get even more expensive. And, at this juncture just must think of one more fact. It took nearly 200 days for the TikTok team to develop the original version. This means, developing an app from scratch is not only expensive but time-consuming too.

Therefore, the smartest move to build a platform similar to TikTok is to opt for clone solutions. When you choose a readymade Tiktok clone solution, you can save a lot of time by getting your desired platform developed within your budget.

What’s still holding you back? Aren’t you ok with relying on the video-sharing script for building your desired platform similar to TikTok? Then, go through its benefits below.

Why should you opt for a TikTok clone solution?

●      By using a readymade TikTok clone, you can build a best-in-class video-sharing platform. You can include many attention-seeking features to improve the user experience.

●      A customizable clone solution will let you develop an excellent app that fits all of your online business requirements.

●      Only when you opt for a readily available TikTok clone you can arrive at a platform that’s usually preferred by people due to its convenience and security.

●      A fully featured video-sharing script lets you build an amazing and reliable video-sharing platform.

●      As stated earlier, using a readymade video sharing script not only saves a lot of cost and time but also saves the cost that takes to design and research to build an app similar to Tiktok.

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Therefore, to say in a nutshell, to develop a feature-rich video-sharing app that proves your worth to competitors and that stands out from the rest of other standard apps, you must look for an exact and reliable video-sharing script.

So, you might have now realized the benefits of opting for a readymade video-sharing script. Yet, Where can you find one such amazing Tiktok clone?

Take Away

Now having provided enough insight on the video-sharing solution, I hope you can understand the importance of using a video-sharing script to develop an app similar to TikTok. And, Appkodes is the exact place for you. At Appkodes you’ll find the right Tiktok clone and a technically sound team, which is all you need to materialize your dreams.

They have a wide range of pre-built solutions that are handpicked and deftly crafted with fantastic inclusions and trendy features. Thus, be quick! Get connected with the team and develop an astounding platform similar to Tiktok which is unique from the rest. Good luck with your venture!