Top 11 Best Hotel Management Softwares for 2023 for Free and Paid-Reviews & Pricing

Hotel Management Software – What is it?

Would you like a hotel management system that has all the essentials to run your hotels, such as a PMS, booking engine, channel manager, and website, all in one package? The choice of an HMS should not be made hastily, regardless of whether you are developing a new tech stack or switching out a legacy tech stack with a modern all-in-one HMS.

In order to choose the right Hotel Management Software for your hotel, you need to consider several factors, such as the user experience, pricing, and functionality. Read unbiased reviews from similar hoteliers, learn what questions to ask on demos, and identify the best Hotel Management Software, vendors.

Best Hotel Management Software provider/ Vendor

We provide you with the best hotel management software for Windows and Mac so that you can configure it to fit your needs.

To automate your processes cost-effectively, you can also choose their free & open-source hotel management software versions.

  • eZee FrontDesk

A Even when it’s offline, this hotel management solution can keep running smoothly. The state-of-the-art technology and ease of check-in and check-out make it ideal for any expanding hotel chain. Smart hotel management solutions are made possible by its 2-click guest reservation system.

  • Hotelogix PMS

In addition to managing hotel operations, Hotelogix enhances the overall performance of the hotel. To enhance the guest experience, it provides fact-based, insightful decisions. Optimum property management will increase the reputation of your brand. Additionally, you can ensure that the rooms are always clean by assigning tasks to your housekeeping staff on time.


The system helps manage sales functions, room inventory, and all aspects of hotel management. An easy-to-use user interface makes it possible to manage online channels and reservations. While improving analytics, front-office coordination, and customization of web templates, it serves hoteliers’ business needs.

  • innRoad

With innRoad hotel management software, you can analyze your hotel property’s potential for much higher profitability. In addition, it provides a calendar of availability and a booking engine for managing all guest requests. All guest histories are migrated and made secure and compliant using the software.

  • MMI HOT inn

Hotel management software, which is free and open source, has many functions in addition to managing hotels. The software can be used to manage various activities in conference rooms and banquet halls. Besides HR and payroll management, it also supports other processes.

Best small hotel management Software

Which hotel management software is best for smaller properties given these unique needs?  Creating this list required analyzing the Small Hotel Management Software, vendors.

We have determined these  hotel management systems are ideal for small hotels based on our research and analysis of user reviews:


As the #1 Hotel Management Software at the 2020 HotelTechAwards, this comprehensive hotel management software delivers so much value and functionality! A variety of third-party integrations are available through RoomRaccoon’s cloud-based platform, along with marketing tools such as website builders and messaging. Small hotels can automate processes such as billing, pricing, and guest communication with the system, making it an excellent choice. 


Hotel management tasks are covered by Clock’s all-in-one solution. Besides cloud-based property management features such as reservations and housekeeping, Clock offers a booking engine for your website, automated upsell tools and a guest self-service portal. Small hotels will benefit from Clock’s robust features and easy-to-use interface, as well as its relatively low monthly subscription fees.


With Guestline’s cloud-based platform, you can manage your property, manage your channels, manage your bookings, and integrate with a wide range of other services. Due to its flexibility, ease of use, and hands-on support, this system is a favorite among small hotels. With Guestline, you can build your hotel’s ideal tech stack by integrating Oaky, Revinate, and suited.


It’s no surprise that Cloudbeds is one of the most popular hotel management systems and a top choice for small properties thanks to its intuitive dashboard and proactive customer support. There are many tools available with Cloudbeds, including reservation management, a booking engine, a channel manager, and integrations with third-party applications. 


A cloud-based platform like Hotelogix offers robust functionality for small-scale hoteliers. The software not only offers reservation management and automation for daily operations but also includes sophisticated reporting and analytical tools, a Point of Sale system, and F&B outlets, minibars, and shops that can be operated on-site. Hotelogix has a mobile app and integrates with many third-party apps, including revenue management systems and in-room technologies.

How do hoteliers benefit from hotel management software?

When staffing is lighter at smaller properties, hotel management software is typically used to streamline check-in, back-office tasks, and POS (point of sale) functions. An integrated channel management system (prevents overbookings and connects to travel agents like Expedia) is part of this non-customizable hotel management solution. The hotel website, guest service portal, housekeeping, maintenance, event management, email marketing, text messaging, customized reports, surveys, rate management, dynamic pricing, sales lead generation, point-of-sale, payment gateway, and more are all included in this non-customizable hotel management solution.

  • Increase ADR (increase revenue): By cross-utilizing key components of the HMS, properties can track their current and past guests’ behavior and target specific markets for upgrades, add-ons, and packages. Reservations and online bookings (credit card processing) can also be used for targeted marketing campaigns. 

  • Increase Occupancy: To increase occupancy, your system must be able to adapt quickly and agilely to changing booking trends. By identifying areas of low occupancy and changing prices immediately across all channels, a true All-In-1 HMS allows properties to identify areas of low occupancy. Additionally, targeted email marketing campaigns can be sent quickly during slow periods to entice more customers. Creating packages quickly is equally important for increasing occupancy and interest on targeted dates.

  • Time & Money Savings: hospitality software providers bundle a variety of automation tools into one solution to assist with integrating systems into an integrated management tool, saving staff time and improving visibility throughout the hotel. 

What are the key features of an All-in-1 Hotel Management System?

Choosing mission-critical hotel software requires a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Complex and confusing hotel software will lead to more mistakes, resulting in higher costs.

You should not have to take a lot of time and steps on common tasks, as this will slow down your team and limit your ability to grow quickly.

Optimized for mobile and tablets: Your manager, housekeeping staff, and other staff should not have to leave the office to check details on a booking. In addition to being accessible on mobile devices and tablets, any system you use must also be optimized for them. It would be even better if your owner could monitor performance while on vacation.

Your grid should enable all features by default, including special events in the region, returning guests, and guests who have not paid their bills. The grid should make it easy for you to view key information about your guests at a glance.

Building guest loyalty: Are you working on it? With guest profiles, you can keep track of guests’ contact information, stay history, and even preferences, so that you can deliver a more personalized experience the next time they stay with you. For returning guests, it’s even easier if you have a guest profile that stores their credit cards.

Most Popular Hotel Management Software

eZee Front desk

eZee Technosys web-based hotel management software has created this clever piece of software for hotel reservations, rate management, and revenue maximization. The property management software company EZee Frontdesk is ranked among the fastest growing in the industry. In addition, it makes connecting smart devices like tablets and smartphones possible.

Popular free hotel management software 

Hotel Management Software Free provides features to help you manage a hotel, no matter how big or small, as well as other properties like resorts, bed and breakfasts, and homestays. You can use them to automate check-ins, generate reports, manage guests, book groups, etc. Providing maximum efficiency for your hotel is one of their unique capabilities.

  1. Abacre Hotel Management System

With Abacre free hotel management software, hotel managers can manage reservations, check-in/check-out guests, generate invoices and generate tax reports online. Multiple versions of Windows are supported, including XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, & 10.

  1. HotelDruid

HotelDruid is suitable for properties of all sizes, from small beds and breakfasts to large hotel chains. With this free hotel management software, you can manage your hotel from a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet. The software supports multiple languages and is user-friendly. You can add more dialects through the language module if you want to add more languages.

  1. KWHotel Free

With KWHotel Free, you can manage your hotel in three different ways: on the desktop, online, and on your mobile device. It can be run on any Windows-based computer and is suitable for use on a single workstation. Small properties, such as yachts and surfboards, are best suited for this product. You can always upgrade the features of the product by choosing from their paid versions if you wish.


There are several platforms on which NOBEDS can be run, including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. The system allows hotel business operations to be managed using a variety of devices. The application version can also be used on the web without downloading.

  1. OTA Hotel Management

E-novate released an open source software called OTA free hotel management software. Small and medium hotels are the target audience for the proposed software. English, Vietnamese, and Korean are currently supported, with additional languages coming soon.

Hotel Management Software Price

Best Hotel Management SoftwarePriceRatings
ATS Hotel PMS Software₹188804.6
Truelogics HMS₹21240 /Year4.7
Fusion PMS₹76700 /Year4.6
Blynk Hotel Application₹5900 /Lifetime4.3
MeshInk Hotel Management Software₹11800 /Year4.9
Nanovise HMS₹35400 /Quantity4.6
Prompt Hospitality Software₹177000 /Year4.3

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  1. How does hotel management software improve employee efficiency?
    You don’t have to manually update your bookings with hotel management software. This software can also streamline housekeeping, rate management, and inventory management.
  1. In hotel management software, how secure is the guest’s information?
    Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, so data security is a top priority. To protect all visitors’ information and useful insights, the best hotel management software offers multiple layers of security. Additionally, unauthorized persons cannot access the data through the software.
  1. Does my hotel management software need to be updated if I expand?
    You can seamlessly expand your hotel chain with any cloud-based hotel management software. To enjoy the features of your existing hotel software across multiple locations, you can upgrade your plan. Every time you want to change hotel management software, you don’t have to invest in a new one.
  1. Can my hotel staff use hotel management software without extensive training?
    No, not really! Online demos and tutorial videos help users learn how to use hotel management software quickly. Often, cloud-based hotel accounting software vendors offer 24 X 7 support to ensure your staff has uninterrupted access to the features.
  1. What is the impact of hotel management software on marketing and sales?
    Hotel software includes a channel management feature that facilitates tracking third-party bookings. The OTA integration feature also allows you to manage room rates across different booking platforms. Through hotel management software, direct bookings can be made through websites and social media platforms.