10 Best Free Macro Tracking Apps in 2023

The benefits of tracking your macronutrients are undeniable, but let’s face it: it can get tedious to calculate your protein, carbs, and fat percentages. Download a macro-tracking app if you’d like an easier way to keep track of your macros than your phone’s notes folder. Whether you’re looking to improve your eating habits or ensure you’re getting enough protein, the right app can help. Are you ready to take your nutrition to the next level? You’ll learn about 10 of the best free macro tracking apps in 2023 ahead.

Macros: What Are They?

Essentially, there are three macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It is essential that all these nutrients are consumed in a healthy balance in your diet to provide your body with the energy it needs. Health and weight are negatively affected by unhealthy food choices with an imbalance of nutrients.

In the following section, we share the top reasons why you should count macronutrients in your diet.

The Importance of Tracking Macros

For many reasons, a macro tracking app is a great way to keep track of macros. We have listed the most important ones below.

  • Getting rid of stubborn fat is easy
  • Muscle mass should be lean
  • Stay energized by eating healthy

Let’s look at what makes an excellent free macro tracking app now that you know what macros or macronutrients are.

Which is the best free macro tracking apps in 2023?

For an application to count macros as the best, it should possess the following top qualities.

  • To make scanning quick and easy, the app contains a database of nutritional information
  • Personalized healthy eating plans and tracking of macronutrients are available with a one-on-one coach
  • You can achieve your fitness goals with the application’s exercises and workouts
  • The application should also have a substantial number of successful user reviews, e.g., success stories.

All or most of the features we share below are present in the applications below. We will therefore proceed to them without further delay.

The best free macro tracking apps in 2023

Listed below are the top macro tracking apps for 2023, carefully curated by our experts.

1. LoseIt!

  • The service is free; premium subscriptions start at $5 per month

A weight-loss app like LoseIt! is perfect if you want to track your macros and lose weight simultaneously. You might find it exactly what you’re looking for. You can also get food suggestions based on your eating history, and the app tells you how many calories and macros you need to reach your goal weight.

Key features 

  • Scanning barcodes
  • Savings on meals
  • Recipe storage
  • Live community available 24×7
  • Food diary that is easy to use

2. Lifesum

  • There is no charge; a premium subscription starts at $22 per month

A good way to keep your macros in check is to plan out your meals, but there are so many options out there that it can be hard to narrow it down to a weekly menu. Lifesum can help with that. Various meal plans are available, including shopping lists and recipes, for seven to 21 days. Using the app, you can keep track of your calories and macros as you input your meals.

Key features 

  • The input of custom food is easy
  • When entering a saved food, you can change the weight
  • Based on the selected weight, the tracker automatically updates

3. FoodNoms

  • A free subscription is available; a premium subscription costs $5 per month.

You should download FoodNoms if your diet includes freshly prepared meals and prepackaged products. Additionally, the app has a built-in barcode scanner so you can scan packaged goods without having to guess. Additionally, the app provides detailed nutritional feedback about your food choices and tracks your macros.

Key features 

  • Displays that are easy to read
  • Calculations performed automatically
  • Planned meals for the day
  • Controlled by finger swipes
  • Tracking special health conditions on a custom basis
  • Recipe macro calculator
  • Keeping track of water
  • Fasting timer
  • Tracking and customizing macro statistics
  • Charts of weight

4. MyPlate

  • Free; $10 for premium subscription; $1 for ad-free version

Counting macros is one thing, but why not count micros as well? To help you monitor your food intake and ultimately understand your nutritional health, MyPlate provides both macronutrients and micronutrients in grams and percentages.

Key features 

  • The interface is easy to use and clean
  • Calculate calorie targets based on your weight, height, and goal weight
  • The paid version includes advanced features like macros percentages

5. Carb Manager

  • Free; $8 per month for a premium subscription

The Carb Manager makes tracking your macros even easier if you follow a ketogenic diet. Additionally, the app offers recipes and meal plans to help you stay on track and gives you a keto-friendly rating for each food you eat.

Key features 

  • Food items from restaurants are listed in a huge database
  • Food and recipes can be customized
  • If you accomplish certain exercise goals, you will receive a bonus
  • Integrates seamlessly with a variety of fitness applications
  • Food logs can be emailed from the application
  • Support from the community and an easy-to-use interface
  • Suggested foods based on history
  • The scanner for barcodes
  • Features like carb tracking, pattern analysis, etc., are available in the paid version.

6. Cronometer

  • Free; $9 per month for premium subscriptions

With Cronometer, you can track your macros as well as your fitness metrics. In addition to giving you personalized feedback on your food intake, the app can also be linked to the fitness-tracking device or app that you already use to track your health as a whole.

Key features 

  • Library of food products
  • Changing the serving size of selected foods, repeating the same foods over many days, and evaluating the keto-friendliness of foods are all options provided
  • Recipe ideas and meal plans are available
  • A peer-to-peer connection option
  • Keeping track of more complex health data such as glucose readings and ketones.
  • The premium version offers additional features such as automatic meal tracking based on image recognition.

7. MyFitnessPal

  • Free; $10 per month for a premium subscription

By using MyFitnessPal’s innovative technology, you can keep track of your food and macronutrients like never before. With MyFitnessPal, you can log your food the traditional way, but you can also scan your meal and MyFitnessPal will calculate the macros based on the ingredient and serving size.

Key features 

  • Barcode scanners are available
  • You can enter your recipes here
  • The restaurant’s menu is regularly updated in the database
  • A portion size option is available

8. My Macros+

  • A Premium subscription costs $2 a month; the cost is $3

With My Macros+, you can track your macros at a whole new level. By checking in with a macro coach each day, the app calculates your daily nutritional breakdown based on your macros, calories, and body measurements.

9. MacrosFirst

  • Subscriptions are $12/month for a premium; free for basic

The user interface of MacrosFirst is the most user-friendly you’ll find when it comes to macro-tracking apps. You just need to enter your food and your goal, and the app calculates your macro data and creates an activity schedule.

10. Nutritionix Track

  • Free; $6 per month for a premium subscription

If you log your food, you know how challenging it can be to calculate the calories and macro percentages of restaurant meals. Nutritionix Track, however, simplifies the process. There are more than 600,000 restaurant menus in the app that are updated frequently so you can get the most accurate macro data.

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Conclusion: The Best Free Macro Tracking Apps in 2023

There are several free macro tracking apps listed in this article. If you wish to make healthier choices and track macros in your diet, you may choose any application from the above list.

We welcome your comments if you think we’ve missed out on any best free macro tracking apps, if you have any questions, or if you want to suggest something else. Next time, we’ll have another article for you. TechPouting will keep you connected to the world of technology until then.