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Doctor Appointment Booking App Scripts
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Five Best Doctor Appointment Booking App Scripts for your Online Doctor Booking Startup

The advancement in technology brings the doctor on a smartphone. Traditionally, if you need a doctor, the patient needs to walk himself to-go-to the doctors and waiting for the appointment in a long queue.  But, nowadays, the concept is totally over warmed. Thanks to the technology and innovation that bring the concept of an on-demand […]

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Thumbtack raised millions by providing local services. Do you wish to earn a huge amount by developing a Thumbtack Clone?

Thumbtack Clone, in basic, is a hire local service platform that gives services to the locals. The services are within the form of photography, transport services, design, event handling and lots of more. The foremost important benefit is that the users can easily get daily services like cleaning, transfer your house, etc sitting at home […]

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N.S.A. Takes a step toward Protecting World’s Computers, Not Just Hacking Them!

We want to be clear that we’re not demonizing the tool here; unlike apps such as Firesheep, Faceniff, and Droidsheep, dSploit isn’t made for the sole purpose of cracking networks or hijacking user sessions. DSploit is an app that helps you to analyze different systems on the phone and penetration suite, which aims to offer […]