5 Reasons Why Parents Need Spy app for Android

Parents are desperate to get their hands on such technological tools that empower them to spy on every single activity kids perform on android mobile phones and tablets. However, there are plenty of parents out there in the current digital age that is unaware of the fact that kids and teens are facing digital nightmares no time ever before the access of the internet on smartphone technology. 

They willingly allow adolescents to use their android phone without creating a separate user account activated with built-in android parental controls. Moreover, they love but mobile devices for kids and teens without having reservations or clue of stranger danger in their minds. It is because they are all Non –tech-savvy that still don’t know about the cyber dangers that can trap teens and kids online and at the end of the day they get trap online. 

So, therefore I am here for those parents who are not fully aware of the online predators and about inappropriate activities in which teens and kids can get involved willingly or accidentally. Let’s discuss the five major reasons why parents need a spy app for android to do surveillance on children’s online activities they perform on cell phones connected to the internet and about digital dangers.

Reason why parents should have spy app for android for kid’s online safety


Cell phone addiction

According to the Pew Research center, young kids and teens are highly obsessed with android mobile devices and gadgets. Almost 95% of American teens and kids have access to mobile phones and 59% of teens are highly obsessed with cellphone technology and the internet. Almost 55% of the teens feel pressure to respond on digital devices instantly and 75% of teens love to remain online all the time on cell phone devices. Therefore 60% of parents say their teens are addicted to smartphones and the internet and they always seem lost and distracted even on the dinner table. Therefore, obsessions among teens are on the rise and parents have to have android spy software to keep an eye on screen time.

Encounter with cyber predators

Youngsters have been made cellphone technology connected to the internet as their digital playgrounds. Furthermore, young kids and teens mostly got trapped online with online predators such as cyber bullies, stalkers, pedophilias, and sexual predators. When kids and teens make social accounts they start exposing their privacy on the social media platform. Breaching privacy on their own mostly puts teens and kids at high risk of an encounter with the predators and cyber bullies in particular. Therefore according to the common sense media, 36% of teen girls and 30% of teen boys have to face bullying online and even in real –life beyond the school gates.

Social media addiction

The social media apps and websites are popular among kids and teens no time ever before. Today teens are addicted to Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Vine, and plenty of others alike such as WhatsApp. 55% of teens are used to using Facebook messenger and Facebook website and 39% of teens use Instagram and 26% are addicted to Snapchat. Besides the addiction with the social networking apps and instant messaging apps and websites teens gets involved in online sharing such as photos and videos and at the end of the day become a victim of slut-shaming. Moreover, teens, these days are addicted to online dating to have sexual encounters with strangers in real –life.

Health issues

Teens and children that are obsessed with android phones usually got health issues due to a lack of physical activities. Teens these days have got depression, anxiety, and stress. However, they also have issues with ill sleeping patterns.

Adult content /cellphones are X-Rated theaters in kid’s pocket

Once kids and teens used to of online dating with the strangers and further teens visits adult content on android web browsers. Ultimately, teens addicted to the x –rated content usually got behavior issues to the fullest.


Above mentioned five major reasons are alarming parents that they should get their hands on the android surveillance software. It will help parents to know what kids and teens are doing on their digital devices 24/7.

Bharat Kumar

Bharat Kumar is a professional content writer. He wrote about technology, fashion, and Digital Marketing.