5 Popular Medical/ Healthcare Apps

This is the age of digitization. Changing your lifestyle to a healthy one is not far-off from your reach now. It’s a modern world and taking one look around your surroundings will make you notice that there are smart phones in each hand now because they have been made so affordable and handy.

The new generation, being a generation of logic and proof needs to know everything about the food they eat or the diet they do before even doing it. While we as a generation are extremely social, but when it comes to finding a proof we most likely rely on the internet or Google. For those of who know how to operate a smart phone smartly also know that there is a world of apps which include a vast variety from games to news to social media to fitness training.

App developers are constantly evolving and developing themselves to provide for the best app experience for the user. Your smart phone which you hold in your hand everyday can be your fitness trainer, your counselor and also your dietician. With these fitness apps you will not only be able to count your calories in whatever you eat, measure your weight loss and keep a track of your fitness goals, you will also be able to become a healthier version of yourself and cost you a lot less than what you spend at the gyms and fitness centers. Check out these below-mentioned apps to know more:

1. CURE Fit

The most trending app right now is the CURE Fitness app. It is easily available on android as well as Apple Phones. It has a free course of 2 weeks following membership fees to continue. The membership is for Rs. 3000 INR per year.

This app is the powerhouse for all types of free exercise classes, ranging from Zumba, dancing, yoga to HIIT. It helps you calculate the calories you have lost while doing the workout and also maintains the statistics for the entire week. It also has free 5 meditation sessions which help you calm down after or before the exercise or for that matter at any time of the day.

Their motto is #BeBetterEveryday and the app itself strives to help you be the better version of yourself. They have healthy meal plans as well as sessions for mental well being too. The app has doctors for consultation, whether you are suffering from stress or depression or weight gain anxiety. But these sessions require an additional amount of money to be spent for a course of 3, 6, 9, 12 months, all depending upon your necessity.

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2. MyFitnessPal

This is considered one of the best apps in the fitness app industry. It will not only help you in maintaining/ loosing/ gaining weight, it also helps in maintaining your fitness. It keeps a track of the food you have consumed and also offers the type of food you should consume depending upon the details you have entered regarding your health.

Also depending on the details, it will provide you with tips on how much exercise or physical activity has to be done by you in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Free download is available for android and apple users but there is a subscription fee for those who want to upgrade to the premium version of the app. This app also has a calorie counter which measures the number of calories consumed by the user on a daily basis.

3. 3MEDS

3MEDS is a committed online pharmacy and medical store app which is based in Delhi. This app aspires to provide easy and affordable medication support to its users and also helps users who have multiple prescriptions. This app is exceptionally committed to providing safe and reliable medicines, meanwhile maintaining extremely secure transactions and convenience for its users.

The app has a categorized medicine section which doesn’t require any kind of prescription for OTC medicines and also, has an absolutely dedicated customer service back-end office. This section also provides room for uploading prescriptions for cancer-related or disease-specified medicines.

3MEDS also has a provision for booking lab tests. The best part about this app is that they have a dedicated blog section of informative blogs about various diseases, how to tackle, what are the symptoms, what is the cure, etc. This section is extremely unique and amazingly helpful as it is always uploaded in a very simple language and easily understandable by anyone. All information packed into one app.

4. Med-Life

Another pharmacy app which is easily available in India is Med-Life. Apart from having a dedicated section for health-related articles, this app also has a provision for the user to upload the prescription from the doctor instead of figuring out the difficult name of the medicine. They also have a provision for booking lab tests, doctor consultation and provide with non-prescription health products like chyawanprash, honitus, vicks VapoRub, relief, personal care and hygiene as well as nutritional supplements.

It is a free app available easily on play store as well as app store and does not even require a subscription fee. Just a few details about the user to make them a member and that’s it. You’re good to go.

5. Pharm-Easy

Pharm-Easy has a wide variety of medicines and products ranging from winter care products to baby and mom care products, medical devices, and ayurvedic care as well. Order medicines, book lab-tests or order products, the app always has some sort of offer just good enough for the user while making the payment for the items on the cart.

This app provides with an extremely user-friendly experience and also aids the user if they get stuck somewhere on the app. The delivery of all products and medicines is always on time along with an easy and secure packaging.


All the pharmacy apps mentioned above follow safety and sanitization protocols during this pandemic and have always been working around the clock. Especially with the digitization of the modern world, the fitness apps have been a boon to all the people who have always tried to maintain their fitness via any physical activity possible. For such apps, all it requires is your ‘will’ to get up everyday and burn the calories you eat.

Due to COVID-19, all of us have become very lazy and mentally burned out due to excess work load and home chores, but these apps not only help us physically, but they also help us mentally to become more strong and take each day with a new positive energy.