5 Easy (& Most Effective) Link Building Strategies

The strategies for link building are changing and becoming harder day by day. And that’s why most people struggle to build links to their sites. You can’t get incoming links instantly, right? It’s a gradual process that you need to maintain and you will get links over the time.

Well, this article is not about to list lots of link building strategies ( Off Page SEO ) that doesn’t work, instead, we will discuss on some handful link building strategies that work. These link building strategies are easy, powerful and especially, great for small businesses and busy marketers.

5 Easy Link Building Strategies For Busy Marketers

Guest Blogging

Well, guest blogging is one of the most powerful tactics to get powerful backlinks to your website. And the benefits of guest blogging are awesome. Companies and marketers are doing it and loving it more than any other link building strategies out there.

And the reason behind is simple, guest blogging is easy compared to other link building strategies and the links are more relevant and powerful which we call the authority. The more authority a backlink has, the more powerful the link is, right?

Create Unique Infographics

It’s true that infographic isn’t dead. Even it can be a powerful link building strategy if you are busy marketer. Because infographic play a vital role in order to get back links to your website.

And the most important thing is that you will continually earn high-quality links and generate organic traffic to your website even the moment you aren’t asking for back links.

An interest fact about infographic is that it can generate 37.5% more incoming links than a great blog post. This is one of the reasons that you can’t ignore this link building strategy and make infographics.

For example, you run a kitchen related blog and there is a recipe like “how to grill chicken breast?”. Now make an infographic and reach out to those who also have post on the recipe. Reach out to them and we are pretty sure that they can’t help but add your infographic to their post.

 Use The Power Of Social Media

You will be able to share your thought through the blog post, images and updates. And that’s how you can engage with more audience in your niche. Help your followers by sharing latest posts that solves problems, interesting facts and help them to find what they want to see through social media.

Moreover, your brand visibility will increase rapidly, more people will reach to your URL and share them with their target audience as well. And strategy will go towards improving your link profile. As a result, more people will know about your brand, share your articles, and link back to your site as well.

Resource Page Link Building

This is one of the most popular, very powerful and low-cost link building strategies. There are lots of authority sites and blogs such as Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, Forbs and Copy Blogger – who also have resource pages and you can tap them to learns things efficiently.

And the process for this strategy is quite simple. You create a blog post on a popular topic as a complete guide on your industry. Now reach out to people on your industry those who also have article on that topic. You just need to reach out to them and ask to see your article and also tell them, if they find your guide helpful – please add your link as a resource to their post to make their article more informative, that’s it.

Broken Link Building Strategy

Bloggers write and publish article, right? In order to make their articles informative – they link back to some authority sites. But they don’t check the outbound links ever whether the links are working or not.

And here is the catch.

You find blog post on your industry and find broken links on that post. When you find any broken link on the post, simply reach out the blogger. Email the blogger and let him know that one or many links are not working on a particular post of his website. And also ask him if he is interested to exchange the broken link with a similar article that you have on your blog. Most of the time the answer will be positive.

And this is obvious that the blogger will remove that broken link and as you have a similar post on your website then why would not link to your article, right?

However, there are other link building strategies out there that bloggers used to do, but these are the most popular and effective strategies that you can follow whether you are a newbie or busy marketer. Hope the article helped you and if you have anything that you want to share with us – or just have an opinion, if you are looking for full SEO Services in India you can hire digital marketing agency please comment bellow as it would be an honor for us to have a little chat with you.