3 Free Tools to Use for Building Your Own App

Everywhere you look businesses, organizations freelancers and even random individuals are making a mobile app for others to enjoy. Some of these apps are built for crafting social communities while others are shopping platforms. Many people create games or publish digital versions of books and artwork as a portfolio. If you want to build an app for yourself or your company, you can. There are plenty of tools and resources available to help you out along the way as well. Of course, many of them are pretty pricey. However, and thankfully, there are many free options as well that are powerful and easy to use. Here are three of the most useful tools for building your own apps.



Compatible with:

  • iOS
  • Android

This amazing software is full of super useful features and guides for getting real results using many of those features. AlphaSoftware allows your app to be offline compatible and to opt into paperless recordkeeping. The platform offers app building templates for a variety of industries including construction, telecommunication and education. Even if you don’t see the field of business your company operates in listed on the industry snapshot page, AlphaSoftware welcomes email inquiries on their full list of industries served.

AlphaSoftware offers its software for free with the Alpha Anywhere Community Edition. Companies like Chevron, Intel and Xerox are listed as being trusting partners of the software. Along with the free version of the software, a free app builder and free training guides are available for Alpha Anywhere Community users. The app builder is a low-code development, meaning that if you have zero coding skills you can still create apps on this platform. There is, however, still the option for anyone who’d prefer to type in code at will also. No matter your skill level, AlphaSoftware has an abundance of information available if you want to learn how to create an app for free.


Compatible with:

  • Web Browsers
  • Android App
  • iOS App

There are literally thousands of templates available for Canva users to choose from. Options like logos, mobile-first apps, websites and many, many more categories are filled with both free and paid templates that you can modify every inch of. There are so many things in their various libraries of photos, elements (still and animates digital graphics,) videos, audio clips and more. Canva offers a full month of premium membership access and full benefits to new users. Premium access extensively expands the amount of content that can be used within your project without the Canva watermark imbued on that element of the project. Other premium features include an expanded fonts list and more available animation styles. After the trial has ended the free version of Canva is still an awesome resource for your app-building toolkit. You have the option to maintain premium access with a monthly or annual paid subscription. The annual option offers a slight discount compared to the month-to-month plan and is well worth the $100 per year price. Choosing to pay by the month will cost ten bucks a month, but is a fantastic option if you need a more budget-friendly choice.



Compatible with:

The final item on this list is an excellent all-around app creation tool. This cross-platform capability of this tool is free to build your apps with. There is no limitation on the number of apps you can create and publish using AppMakr/AppyPie. Even better, the amount of updates you’re able to add onto or into each app is also unlimited. There are plenty of rich and helpful features like a high-resolution photo gallery and a user-friendly drag and drop interface. You have the ability to integrate must-have elements such as one-tap calling, links to social media, chatrooms and much more. The only catch is the one-time fee of $99 required to publish your work on the app store of your choice. Keep in mind though, that there is no limit on the number of apps or updates you’re allowed to build or add.

  • HTML5
  • iOS
  • Android

Regardless of how much experience you have with app development, there are many free tools out there that enable anyone to create free mobile apps to suit their needs.