12 Best Golang Web Frameworks to Opt for in 2021

If you are familiar with technology, you must have heard the name of Golang. Currently, it is one of the most popular tools among developers. It is a potential language that can solve complicated problems and is utilized for web app development. Moreover, it is compatible with almost every application.

Some of the top web frameworks of Golang that developers can choose in 2021 are mentioned and described in this article. So, let’s have a look.

Golang web frameworks


If you are looking out for the best Golang web framework, taking a look at Revel is a must. Revel is popular because of its unique built-in features. Moreover, you will not need any setup for running this particular framework.

Frameworks usually require third-party plugins to execute complicated tasks. But Revel is independent because there is no need for any middleware, configuration, or third-party plugins. This leads to the smooth development of API tasks.


Gocraft is another strong and conservative framework that quickens the process of routing. Additionally, it adds routing to the net package from the standard library or HTTP. Gocraft is a Go mux custom middleware package that allows developers to type statically and add extra functions to it.

For those developers to whom API performance matters the most, Gocraft is the best choice as it boosts a project’s performance effectively. Also, the companies hiring Golang developers ask them about the knowledge of this tool.


Iris is considered in the list of top Golang web frameworks becauseit is reliable and super-fast. It has all the capabilities to develop any kind of project. And that is why several developers opt for Iris.

Additionally, it has multiple unique features, along with libraries. Thus, developers do not need to install anything from third parties.


Another top drastic web framework of Golang in 2021 is Beego. Besides using it for web development, it can be utilized for developing Golang-powered back-end services. You will not need to integrate any third-party library in this framework. Also, it is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework and well compatible with command-line tools.

The Beego tool searches for the modifications made in the code. Then, it refreshes the task automatically as soon as it identifies any change. Beego is considered to be a time-saving tool as it contributes to making the project quick.

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If you are looking for a tool with robust performance, Echo is the ideal choice. It has an optimized HTTP router and can be used to develop powerful REST APIs. Further, it can be segmented into separate groups. The HTTP/2 support boosts speed and offers a user-friendly experience. Echo’s template engine can be used to render templates as well.

This framework consists of numerous built-in middleware for developers to use and also supports data binding for HTTP request payload.


Gorilla is probably one of the longest-running frameworks and has the widest community. Gorilla’s modular framework is best known for its flexibility. It allows developers to reuse different elements with an HTTP/net library, which saves a lot of time.

This framework uses powerful web sockets and allows producers to incorporate similar codes. And based on requirements, developers may or may not use a third-party service.

7. Martini

Martini is a lightweight and strong framework. ‘Reflection’ can be used by developers for adding the latest services to the existing applications. Programmers can use it for pouring data into the handler function. Besides, Martini supports documentation.

The basic dealings like routing, exception dealing and documents serving can be done through Martini. This framework can be well integrated with third-party support, and its flexibility allows you to extend capabilities. Multiple function management with low overhead can also be operated with Martini.


Being a lightweight framework, Goji is extremely fast, composable, and simple to use. It is a traditional framework and highly compatible with Einhorn and HTTP. The minimalistic HTTP request multiplexer can be utilized for handling an uncountable number of requests.

Goji’s re-configurable middleware stack, URL pattern, and compatibility with lean API make every operation simple.

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It is another straightforward and quality web development framework. Mango receives regular updates and reuses HTTP modules very conveniently. Mango’s modularity is the main reason behind its popularity.

This framework gives you the ability for customizing tools and scopes based on the requirements of the project. Mango comes with a wide range of useful components and libraries that offer an upper hand to the development team. Thus, it deserves to be listed among the top Golang web frameworks.

10.Gin Gonic

If you want to consider a simple, easy-to-understand, and user-friendly framework, Gin Gonic may work perfectly for you. It primarily focuses on libraries and features. Also, it makes use of an HTTPS router that allows developers to build web apps lightning-fast compared to most other frameworks.

Even a beginner can use Gin Gonic to build high-performing APIs. It is precise, having the correct requirements.


If you are required to create a framework within a limited time, opt for the Buffalo Golang framework. It has everything in place for developers, right from initiation to execution and front-end to back-end.

Besides having a large community and being integrated with bolster data migration, Buffalo supports hot reloading for you to evaluate any change and monitors .go and .HTML files closely.


If you are looking for a light web development framework having a straightforward approach and, which is easy to implement, Web.go is the right choice for you. The tree-routing system of this framework allows developers to opt for multiple functionalities.

Based on the objectives, the layered routing system allows producers to establish route relationships.


For several websites and organizations, Golang serves as a primary or secondary language. The Golang community offers several reliable, powerful, and valuable frameworks. These frameworks mentioned above have their own uniqueness.

So, it ultimately depends on the requirements of your project for what to choose. Characteristics, reusability, performance, and modularity are the most important requirements to be considered while choosing your suitable best Golang Web frameworks.

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