11 Unique Ways To Use YouTube In E-commerce Marketing


Electronic commerce is commonly called E-commerce. It is the fastest developing sector in the world. Because people want to buy & sell any products or services using networks, it is called the internet. Besides that, everyone uses mobile phones & laptops, so people’s priority is to save time from unnecessary shopping.  

Digital life provides electronic fund transfer, money transfer, online transaction processing, internet marketing, etc. E-commerce is also one of the most popular methods of earning money online and a good opportunity for all marketing investors! 

Now, we will learn how to leverage YouTube in E-commerce marketing. I hope this guide improves your online marketing and increases your traffic to your website & online sales. 

What is Ecommerce Marketing? 

E-commerce marketing is an effective method of creating high-level sales and increasing brand awareness about an online store’s product offerings and brand. The same tricks of traditional marketing can be applied to e-commerce marketing in a digital domain. It provides businesses to reap the benefits from those who are ready to buy online. 

Online marketing is an energetic place, and it is ever-growing in popularity. Ecommerce marketing is a perfect way for stores and organizations to tap into that growing power, creating advertisements that guide consumers to an e-commerce website. All in all, e-commerce website marketing is seen as a win-win situation.

Why Do We Use YouTube in E-commerce Marketing? 

According to Hubspot data, many online marketers decide to bet on YouTube. 48% of marketers are ready to invest their money to integrate their business into their YouTube marketing platform. 

Within a short period, YouTube gets a million views per day, and also more than 65000 videos were uploaded in 2006. Now, YouTube has 2 billion active users per month, and millions of content creators are there. According to 2019 results, 

  • Five hundred hours of video were uploaded per minute on YouTube. 
  • YouTube gets 30 million visitors each day
  • 9% of U.S small marketers use YouTube
  • The age between 18-49-year-old people watch YouTube 
  • YouTube can access over 76 different languages. 

The importance of YouTube is increasing day by day. YouTube is considered a viable, lucrative, and profitable marketing channel. In fact, more audiences spend a lot of time on YouTube than on televisions.

1. Create Tremendous Following To Your Site: 

Marketer’s primary goal is to create high traffic that helps convert to huge sales, but it can’t do that without the audience. If you want more views, likes, and shares, you will get more subscribers. If your audience level is enormous, you can easily get more credibility and brand awareness. 

Nowadays, YouTube’s popularity has a snowball effect. If you want to be successful, you should understand the person’s requirements and try to reach out! Increasing followers to your YouTube account is one of the strategies to enhance channel growth. 

For instance, Daisy Jing is the CEO of the skincare company Banish. She realized that which is needed to build a tremendous connection with followers who were experiencing the problem to solve: Acne.

She didn’t post an expensive marketing video; instead, she posted a regular video connected to the audience in simple ways. Finally, it worked! 

The Banish – the skincare company, gets $3 million in revenue from YouTube subscribers. 

Hence, getting audience trust helps to move to the second step and hooked on your brand. 

2. Determine Your Content: 

Don’t always focus on posting content regularly. But you must be focused on your content quality. If your content is shallow, you will quickly lose the customers, and they forget about you.

First of all, you need to understand the requirements of your content marketing goals. Second, think about how to drive the customers to your e-commerce site?

Find the perfect strategy to help hone in on the right approach. You know that “72% of content creators use content strategy development as a key factor in their organization’s overall success.

Next, identify your biggest challenges. What’s holding you back from content marketing?

Once you get the answer to all questions, you will know how to create content. 

For instance, if your highest challenge is creating quality content, try to avoid some repetition process to help you get more posts without reinventing the same process.

3. Make how-to videos: 

Do you think about how-to product videos can drive high revenue? Yes, absolutely. 

The highest YouTube subscribers between the ages of 18 and 34 say that they will stop watching a new video from one of their favorite brands or channels.

So, how do you get loyalty from the e-commerce world? It’s straightforward. 

Introduce your product to the world, then teach how-to-use the product or services. Once your customers get interested in your brand, it will automatically get high revenue. 

 85% of consumers are interested in buying a product after watching how to use a product video.

And 58% of buyers say that industries with product videos can be trusted compared to without videos.

So, making how-to videos can help the customers to use and buy the product. 

Youtube Marketing for Ecommerce website

4. Add Product Reviews: 

Without credibility, people don’t buy any products online. 

The next question is how to sell my product in the e-commerce world? It’s simple. Include trustable product reviews as much as you can. If the product review increases, your sales will increase. 

84% of consumers buy a product based on product reviews. You will also explain to your consumer why they need your product and how that product can be helped with you. 

67% of YouTube audiences get additional information after watching videos. Then they decide to purchase a new product. 

You want more sales to use a simple formula: Education, recommendation, and storytelling. 

5. Publish a Product FAQ:

After introducing people to your brand, they have several questions about your brand. To avoid inconvenience, you will make a short FAQ about your services or products.

Once your customer feels wrong about your product, they will never trust you & your brand again. So, avoid the problem previously, you will answer all questions frequently before they are asked. With this, your customers feel happy and get a clear mind about your product. 

By this way, your audience will be happy, and you will get high revenue. 

Keep in mind a couple of things: 

1. Your FAQs or product about videos should be less than 30 sec is best.

2. 95% of viewers keep their thoughts in mind compared to 10% of what they have read. 

Including FAQs are the perfect way to address your customer support questions in the future and avoid complex issues. 

6. Cross-promote Videos on Other Channels: 

Promoting videos is one strategy to enhance your YouTube channel and get more audience to your YouTube account! 

When you promote your content on all the social media, you will get huge visibility and huge credibility.

Five hundred hours of YouTube video are uploaded every minute. If you want to be front or mid in all those videos? Then use the tactic that’s called “sharing.” After publishing every video in your YouTube account, you would share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. In this way, you can increase your views, watch time, likes, shares, etc. 

If your video looks excellent, you will get exciting comments for your videos. Having more engagement on YouTube will help to get the audience attention and create enthusiasm among the people to add an extra comment in your comment section. 

The easiest way to add your YouTube links to other channels in your end screens and cards and ask those channels to do the same for you! 

7. Don’t forget your CTA

Give the proper way to your audience. It will help the audience choose their path. That’s CTA actions. If you can add the CTA options at your description part, it redirects to your website. Now, you can get more traffic to your website & increase your sales. 

Without fear, you can experiment in several ways. That’s the main option to add CTA options in your YouTube videos.

Whether your video is more than 25 seconds long, the best way to add the end screen option. This end screen really reaches a vast audience, and also it considers the biggest target for all YouTubers. Using cards is one of the complements of your YouTube CTAs. 

The main advantage of using cards is that you can add an option anywhere, like the beginning, mid, or end of the video. The conversation rate on YouTube is 1.16% for channels that ask the audience to take action. 

8. Promote Your Video Content: 

Creating compelling content & engaging your audience helps to stay viewers with your channel. You will keep some effective strategies for refining your channel. For that, don’t spend countless time creating engaging content. 

The easiest way to enhance your reach is by promoting your YouTube channel in other mediums. Try to include a link to your channel via mail; related blogs and advertisements are an incredible way to promote your ad. 

Create an individual brand page on other websites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, etc. Then share your video links or video clips to their page that help to gather more audience. Don’t forget to add the CTA options. If you can follow this strategy, surely your products or services will get more revenue. 

Adding keywords is an essential marketing technique to improve your ranking. Hence you can place the keywords in your video content like title, description, thumbnail, and tags. Now, you can follow this strategy to include YouTube links in your email. After that, you can check your subscriber count and see how it’s performing.

9. Collaborate with other YouTube Stars:

The best way that you can promote an e-commerce store is by collaborating with popular YouTubers on YouTube. The essential idea is that you need to ensure that whoever is approaching your brand and vice versa can work together. 

The advantage of working with other YouTubers is that you both share the ideas and serve them in different ways. 

We recommend avoiding the fear of going to the niche when you’re approaching a YouTube channel. A tiny YouTube channel must be focused on a vast base, highly resembles your target audience, and it should perform well compared to an extensive YouTube channel with a large fan base. 

The profit of collaborating is that you can extend your reach and stand in front of your competitors. Apart from getting subscribers, you will learn more ideas from others. 

10. YouTube Paid Ads:

You will use paid ads for marketing your e-commerce business on YouTube

Now, your question is, “is it suitable for my business?” Yes, of course, it suits all the business. A paid advertisement can be a rapid way to get the benefits, and your brand or product reaches quickly among the audience. 

You should pay for these ads; hence you must concentrate on which type of ad you will choose? There are several types of ads there. 

  • Display Ads
  • Overlay Ads
  • Skippable Ads
  • Non-skippable Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Sponsor cards

All the above, you will pay for YouTube advertising. If you have to decide to choose YouTube ads, there are three things you must pay attention to.

  1. The video you use 
  2. The targeting method 
  3. YouTube ad format 

11. Put an Extra Benefit on Holidays:

Get additional attention from the audience while marketing your brand using an e-commerce platform that uses holidays, festivals, etc. For example, Christmas timing will be coming soon; hence the viewers searching Christmas related products and videos. At this time, you can create relevant videos or post them and upload them on YouTube. 

You will get more surprises along with YouTube views and traffic for your website. Compared to the standard period, the festival times people spend more time on social media. Use this particular period to promote your brand and products. Try it now. 

After following this strategy, you must track your performance based on subscribers count, views, watch time, etc. 


“Work hard, amazing things will happen!” There are several ways to enhance an e-commerce store, but the potential ways to drive outstanding results is YouTube. If you plan to elaborate your online business, you should know how to promote an e-commerce store using YouTube effectively.

Thanks for reading! 

Author Bio: 
Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years. Also, you can find me on Twitter.com